Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I did during my thanksgiving break

Thursday November 27TH, 2008 was Thanksgiving day. I spend thanksgiving with my mom, my sister Jessica and Anthony. I watched the macy's thanksgiving day parade on t.v. as I always do every year. This year it was hard for me to watch the parade because while my mom was cooking dinner the heat from the stove kept turning on the fire alarm. I had to get the fan from my mom's room that way when the heat would come the fan blew the heat away from the alarm. I made sure Anthony didn't touch the stove while mom made the turkey and petit for dinner. At 5:30 p.m. the turkey and petit was ready to eat. I made mashed potatoes and gravy as a side dish. Mom didn't feel like making rice which is why I made mashed potatoes and gravy. My mom also made stuffing, veggies, and candy yams. For dessert there was pumpkin pie and these two iltian cakes my sister Jessica bought at a bakery near where our oldest sister Debbie lives. Later on Jessica took Anthony to our neigbors house because it was also her birthday. Anthony was playing with my neigbors little cousins who are between the ages of 3 to 8 years old and was having a ball. Friday November 28TH, 2008 I did my hair because sometimes my hair drives me CRAZY!!!!!! I hated paying 30 bucks to have my hair done but I look good. I also went to the library to return 4 library books and a DVD. As always whenever I return a book or movie to the library I make sure to return it early or on the day it's suppost to be back at the library. In other words I never had to pay a late fee. Saturday November 29TH, 2008 Anthony, My sister Jessica and I went to our sister Debbie's house for a belated thanksgiving dinner. Mom didn't go because she wasn't feeling well. As soon as we arrived my twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya were happy to see us but mostly their cousin Anthony. My grandmother who we all wela was there too. I'm not sure if she enjoyed her self due to the fact that she kept getting mad the kids just because they were runnig and playing around the house. She even got mad when everyone was playing a video game on the ninetdo wii. Everyone kept trying to tell her it was just a game and that is what your suppost to do. I hope when I'm that old one day I won't go crazy like my grandma did. The food Debbie made was great. My oldest sister was always a good cook and still is. While I was still at Debbie's house I just kept holding my little grandnephew Aalis because he is so cute and I miss holding a little baby. "My sisters said, go have one then." I told them both, "not for a other 10 years." Aalis pooped on Jessica's arm which was gross. The bright side to that is it didn't happen to me. Jessica and I had a hard time getting Anthony to leave because he was having fun with his cousins and the nintedo wii. Even one of my twin nieces was crying because we had to go. I felt bad but it was getting late and it was way past Anthony's bedtime. The 3 of us took a cab home because there was no way in the world we were going to either wait for a bus or take the train late at night. Sunday November 30TH, 2008 I didn't really do much. I watched a movie called Ebby which is a female version of a book called A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens on December 19TH, 1843. After I finished watching the movie I helped my mom put up some of the christmas decorations for the hallway and it looks really pretty. Soon we're going to put up the christmas tree and my boyfriend Angel is going to get the tree down from the top of the closet in my mom's room. I would do it myself but after what my mom and I went throught last year with the tree we were that we're getting Angel to do it. That is what I did during my thanksgiving break.

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