Friday, November 28, 2008

Things with Hello Kitty on it

One of my favorite characters ever is Hello Kitty. This cute little cat has been around for more than 30 years. I think she is so cute so I decided to post different Hello Kitty objects. To my left you see a Hello Kitty digital camera. If I didn't get a digital camera from mom for christmas I would want a Hello Kitty camera.

This next picture is a Hello Kitty diamond ring. If I had a ring like that one it would possibly never ever come off my finger.

To all the girls who like Hello Kitty and shopping if you want a cute credit card then this one is perfect for you. If I didn't think credit cards were evil and were nothing but trouble I would get a Hello Kitty credit card.

At unversial studios they had a bush shaped like Hello Kitty. I think that is so cute. Whoever made the hello kitty bush is a genius.

This is what Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel would look like made out of legos. I wouldn't be surprised if it took a long time to make,

My boyfriend Angel really likes sushi. I found a Hello Kitty sushi dish just for him. Angel whenever you get a chance to read my blog this picture is just for you.

All my life I've never seen or had a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers. If I owned a pair I would never wear them because I would be afraid to get them dirty. If I ever find a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers at a good deal then I would want them.

I never knew that a Hello Kitty car existed until I found this one. I think it's so pretty. If I knew how to drive I would want that car.

I'll never been a coffee drinker but if I was that's the coffee maker for me. I love it because it's pink. Plus I love anything with Hello Kitty on it.

I actually have that tin. I bought it at rite aid before valentines day more than a year ago. I didn't like the candies inside so I threw it out and kept the tin.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Whoever made the hello kitty shaped waffles I want a plate. It looks so good to eat.

In this picture it's a fancy Hello Kitty laptop. When I was looking for cute things with Hello kitty on it I couldn't believe when I found this picture. It's my dream laptop.

Out of all the pictures I found I couldn't believe this one. This is a picture of a hello kitty airplane. I've never seen a airplane with hello kitty on it before. I wonder if it's real?

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