Friday, May 7, 2010

I made a good decision

Hello to the blogging world I have these words to say. I Kristine Ann Melendez has decided to go to college. That's right folks I'm gonna be a college student. This is how I decided to apply. Monday May 3RD, 2010 I went to my former school Access to get measured for a cap and gown. I'm going to be part of the graduation which I'm very happy about. I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! After my cap and gown measurement I went to see my former teachers and they are so proud that I passed and all my teachers wanted a copy of my diploma which they got. Ms. Lopez who was my science teacher told me to go to Ms. Ortiz to apply for college. Decisioning to apply for college was most likely the best decision I've ever made. I hope I get accepted to the colleges of my choices because I don't want to be a bump on a log. Wish me luck with what I'm going to do with my life.