Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I did during my thanksgiving break

Thursday November 27TH, 2008 was Thanksgiving day. I spend thanksgiving with my mom, my sister Jessica and Anthony. I watched the macy's thanksgiving day parade on t.v. as I always do every year. This year it was hard for me to watch the parade because while my mom was cooking dinner the heat from the stove kept turning on the fire alarm. I had to get the fan from my mom's room that way when the heat would come the fan blew the heat away from the alarm. I made sure Anthony didn't touch the stove while mom made the turkey and petit for dinner. At 5:30 p.m. the turkey and petit was ready to eat. I made mashed potatoes and gravy as a side dish. Mom didn't feel like making rice which is why I made mashed potatoes and gravy. My mom also made stuffing, veggies, and candy yams. For dessert there was pumpkin pie and these two iltian cakes my sister Jessica bought at a bakery near where our oldest sister Debbie lives. Later on Jessica took Anthony to our neigbors house because it was also her birthday. Anthony was playing with my neigbors little cousins who are between the ages of 3 to 8 years old and was having a ball. Friday November 28TH, 2008 I did my hair because sometimes my hair drives me CRAZY!!!!!! I hated paying 30 bucks to have my hair done but I look good. I also went to the library to return 4 library books and a DVD. As always whenever I return a book or movie to the library I make sure to return it early or on the day it's suppost to be back at the library. In other words I never had to pay a late fee. Saturday November 29TH, 2008 Anthony, My sister Jessica and I went to our sister Debbie's house for a belated thanksgiving dinner. Mom didn't go because she wasn't feeling well. As soon as we arrived my twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya were happy to see us but mostly their cousin Anthony. My grandmother who we all wela was there too. I'm not sure if she enjoyed her self due to the fact that she kept getting mad the kids just because they were runnig and playing around the house. She even got mad when everyone was playing a video game on the ninetdo wii. Everyone kept trying to tell her it was just a game and that is what your suppost to do. I hope when I'm that old one day I won't go crazy like my grandma did. The food Debbie made was great. My oldest sister was always a good cook and still is. While I was still at Debbie's house I just kept holding my little grandnephew Aalis because he is so cute and I miss holding a little baby. "My sisters said, go have one then." I told them both, "not for a other 10 years." Aalis pooped on Jessica's arm which was gross. The bright side to that is it didn't happen to me. Jessica and I had a hard time getting Anthony to leave because he was having fun with his cousins and the nintedo wii. Even one of my twin nieces was crying because we had to go. I felt bad but it was getting late and it was way past Anthony's bedtime. The 3 of us took a cab home because there was no way in the world we were going to either wait for a bus or take the train late at night. Sunday November 30TH, 2008 I didn't really do much. I watched a movie called Ebby which is a female version of a book called A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens on December 19TH, 1843. After I finished watching the movie I helped my mom put up some of the christmas decorations for the hallway and it looks really pretty. Soon we're going to put up the christmas tree and my boyfriend Angel is going to get the tree down from the top of the closet in my mom's room. I would do it myself but after what my mom and I went throught last year with the tree we were that we're getting Angel to do it. That is what I did during my thanksgiving break.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Things with Hello Kitty on it

One of my favorite characters ever is Hello Kitty. This cute little cat has been around for more than 30 years. I think she is so cute so I decided to post different Hello Kitty objects. To my left you see a Hello Kitty digital camera. If I didn't get a digital camera from mom for christmas I would want a Hello Kitty camera.

This next picture is a Hello Kitty diamond ring. If I had a ring like that one it would possibly never ever come off my finger.

To all the girls who like Hello Kitty and shopping if you want a cute credit card then this one is perfect for you. If I didn't think credit cards were evil and were nothing but trouble I would get a Hello Kitty credit card.

At unversial studios they had a bush shaped like Hello Kitty. I think that is so cute. Whoever made the hello kitty bush is a genius.

This is what Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel would look like made out of legos. I wouldn't be surprised if it took a long time to make,

My boyfriend Angel really likes sushi. I found a Hello Kitty sushi dish just for him. Angel whenever you get a chance to read my blog this picture is just for you.

All my life I've never seen or had a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers. If I owned a pair I would never wear them because I would be afraid to get them dirty. If I ever find a pair of Hello Kitty sneakers at a good deal then I would want them.

I never knew that a Hello Kitty car existed until I found this one. I think it's so pretty. If I knew how to drive I would want that car.

I'll never been a coffee drinker but if I was that's the coffee maker for me. I love it because it's pink. Plus I love anything with Hello Kitty on it.

I actually have that tin. I bought it at rite aid before valentines day more than a year ago. I didn't like the candies inside so I threw it out and kept the tin.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Whoever made the hello kitty shaped waffles I want a plate. It looks so good to eat.

In this picture it's a fancy Hello Kitty laptop. When I was looking for cute things with Hello kitty on it I couldn't believe when I found this picture. It's my dream laptop.

Out of all the pictures I found I couldn't believe this one. This is a picture of a hello kitty airplane. I've never seen a airplane with hello kitty on it before. I wonder if it's real?

Anthony's Art Work

These are pictures that my nephew Anthony drew on the computer. I was the one who taught Anthony how to draw on the computer. I couldn't believe how quickly my nephew learned. I'm so proud of Anthony that I decided to put his pictures on my blog. The picture to my left I like to call it blue bubbles. As you can see there are three big blue bubbles in the picture. I remember learning in art class back at humanities that when objects are connected together it's called morphing. Anthony's picture reminds me of a morphing picture I drew for my art class. As always I got a good grade.

In this picture there are lots of colors. I call it colorful scribbles. An other work of art done by Anthony. All the scribbles reminds me of a abtract painting I once saw in a museum. If I had more computer drawings done by Anthony I would post them.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anthony's First Valentine's Day

These are pictures of my nephew Anthony when he was four months old. It was his first valentines day. It was my sister Jessica's idea to leave kiss marks all over his cute little baby face. As soon as I came home that day my nephew has a big smile on his face because he was so happy to see me his favorite awesome ti ti. I called him baby cupid that year because it suited him perfectly. No matter what Anthony will always be my little baby nephew.

In this picture Anthony looks like he is saying I love you all so much.

Anthony is wearing his bid and it says My first valentines day.

I think Anthony looks the happiest in this pciture. Look at his cute little baby face. People remember this he is adorable and you know it.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thursday November 27TH, 2008 was the 81st annual Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I watch it on T.V. every year with my mom. This year I had a hard time watching it because while my mom was making the thanksgiving day dinner the fire alarm kept going off because of all the heat from the kitchen. I had to get the fan from my mom's room to put near the alarm that way the heat wouldn't activate it. It didn't help too much on the counting of the fire alarm was still going off. At least my mom finished cooking at a good time. In honor of Thanksgiving I have found pictures of balloons from Macy's Thanksgiving day parade from the past to this year's parade. I also got a picture of Santa Claus coming down the parade waving to every body. The first Macy's Thanksgiving day parade was in 1927. I even found pictures of the old balloons from Macy's first Thanksgiving day parade. I tried to get my nephew Anthony to watch the parade with me but he wanted to watch cartoons instead. The picture to my left is a MM's balloon from the parade on Thursday November 24TH, 2005. Instead of a MM's balloon this year it was a float. I would post a picture of it but I couldn't find one.

In this picture that's a balloon of Sponge bob Square paint. If you don't know what Sponge bob is it's a cartoon about a talking sea sponge as the theme song said who lives in a pine apple under the sea? I think Sponge bob looks like a big talking cheese.

That's the Macy's Santa Claus. As long as I can remember at the end of the parade Santa Claus would come down at the end of the parade to wave to everyone watching. Anthony told me that he wants to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas, I think that is so cute.

That is the snoopy balloon. In the old Peanut cartoons would dress as the red Baron to sit on top of his dog house and pretend that his dog house was a air plane.

If nobody know who this green frog is that's Kermit. I remember seeing Kermit the flog on T.V. along with Ms. Piggy and the other muppets. At this year's parade Kermit was singing a song that he believes that there is a Santa Claus and to believe in him and Christmas.

In this picture there's pikachu from pokemon. Pikachu was always my favorite pokemon and still is to this day. The pikachu balloon is also my favorite balloon next to the hello kitty balloon.

That is a poster of the parade with all the balloons. I thought it would be cute to add.

For the first time The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade had a Buzz Lightyear balloon. It's the first time the parade ever had a disney character for a balloon. I think it's cool.

I don't remember ever seeing this Hello Kitty balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade ever but I like it anyway so I put this picture on my post because I can and it's my blog. Plus I think it's really pretty.

Every year I see a big Turkey float for the parade. Most families eat turkey for thanksgiving dinner just like the Pilgrims did in 1621. As you can see in this picture there are people sitting about the turkey and some of them are wearing pilgrim costumes.

Last but not least this is a picture of a character named Abby from seamse street. She is in training to be a fairy god mother and hangs around seasme street with the other characters. I hope everyone likes my post about the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. Please read and leave your comments.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving with Hello Kitty.

In honor of Thanksgiving day and my love for Hello Kitty I have found and posted pictures of thanksgiving themes pics with Hello Kitty in it. The picture with the balloon is from a past Macy's thanksgiving day parade. I remember seeing it on t.v. I thought it was so cute.

That's Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel if they were Pilgrims for the first thanksgiving day dinner.

This is another picture I found. As we all know Thanksgiving is in the fall. I decided to put a fall hello kitty picture. I hope who ever reads this likes my pics.

Total Drama Island

This is a picture from a cartoon called Total Drama Island. Think of it as a animated version of survivor. This show is about these 22 campers who are on a realty show and their competing against each other for the prize of 100,000 dollars. The host of Total Drama Island Chris doesn't care if anything bad happens to the campers. He loves to see them suffer. Sometimes he gets his parter Chef to do prepare the grosses meals or scare the campers out of their minds. One of the campers Heather is a nasty rude girl that will do anything to make sure she doesn't get voted off the show. She even gets two campers to team up with her Lindsey and Beth to do her dirty work. The price for going along with Heather is betrayal. Some of the campers become a couple like Gwen and Trent. When it's time to vote someone off the show Chris gives a marshmellow to the campers who can stay. If a camper didn't get a marshmellow she or he is off the show and can never come back. I started watching this show a few weeks ago because my three year old nephew Anthony was watching it and got me hooked on it. I even looked up who is going to win the money but I'm not going to tell anyone. It's my little secret and if you want to know who wins the money watch Total Drama Island the finale when it comes on Thursday December 4TH, 2008. It's on channel 22 if you have Cartoon Network or some form of cable televison. If anyone wants to check out clips of Total Drama Island go to or and check the show out for yourself.

Thanksgiving break

During my Thanksgiving break I will be with my family. My mom is going to make a wonderful thanksgiving dinner at home. I'm looking forward to having my mom's turkey and she also wants to make petit as well. It will be me, my mom and who ever joins us in honor of Thanksgiving. This year my mom wants me to make a side dish for the dinner. I will be making mash potatoes and gravy. To be honest I'm not much of a cook but I can cook a little bit as long as it's something simple. For dessert pumpkin pie will be served. Yay me!!!!!!!!! I will also be watching the Thanksgiving day parade on T.V. like I do every year. As nice as it would be to see the parade live I don't like crowds and I refuse to stand outside in the cold weather. I look forward to my time off from school because it would be nice to take a break from all my hard work and studying that I do. To everyone who reads this post happy thanksgiving to you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you Afraid of the Dark?

When I was a kid I used to watch this show on Nickelodeon called Are you Afraid of the Dark? It's a show about these kids who are in a club called the midnight society. At night they would gather around a fire and one of them would tell a scary story. Before they would begin a story who ever is telling a creepy story he or she would say, submitted for the approval of the midnight society I call this story and then they would make up a scary story. For example one story from Are you Afraid of the Dark is Tale of Zebo the Clown. That story is about a clown named Zebo from the 1920's who smoked cigars and tried to steal money from the circus. When the cops were trying to capture him he hid in a haunted house which caught on fire. Zebo didn't make it out alive. Years later there were these two boys and one of them dares the other to go inside the haunted house that was build over the old one that burned down with Zebo in it and get the clown nose from the clown dummy. What the boy didn't know that the dummy was posed by the ghost of Zebo the clown who didn't like the fact that his clown nose was stolen. When the boy was all alone at home weird things started to happened. There was a phone call with the ghost saying Give it back in a creepy voice. There was a foot print on the kitchen floor with the letter Z on it which scared the boy a lot. At the end the boy went back to the fun house and returned the nose along with a box of cigars as a way of being sorry for taking Zebo's nose. After the boy left the dummy clown came out with the nose back on it's face and a cigar in it's mouth. The last episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark the grandfather of a member of the midnight society dies because of a thing called the silver sight. The grandfather was one of the original members of the midnight society back in the 1930's. For the first time for the midnight society a scary story was real and they were in it. They started looking for the original members of the midnight society from the 1930's because each orignal member has a broken piece of record that would lead to the location of the silver sight which is a charm that causes bad luck to anyone who used it to get what he or she wanted. Most of the orignal members of the midnight society were dead however their families had what the new midnight society was looking for. When everyone was looking for the piece of the record werid and scary things were happening. For example there was this little boy that kept popping out of nowhere and warning the midnight society not to contine their quest for the silver sight. When all the pieces of the record were found it played a message of where the silver sight was located. The midnight society found the silver sight and the little mystery boy was really a ghost!!!!!! The leader of the midnight society destroyed the silver sight and the evil ghost was destroyed as well. Are you Afraid of the Dark never did freak me out as a kid and it still doesn't to this day now that I'm an adult. But it's still fun to watch but I only see it on because that show is so old that it's no longer on T.V. Are you Afraid of the Dark was on T.V. from October 31ST, 1990 to June 11TH, 2000. If anyone reading this wants to know more about Are you Afraid of the Dark go to and when you get to the website type in the search Are you Afraid of the Dark? You'll see many clips from the show. Now my question to you is do you dare to watch Are you Afraid of the Dark? I hope so Ha Ha and Ha!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A book I read by V.C. Andrews

Out of all the books I've read I enjoy books by V.C. Andrews because it always leaves me wanting to read more. Sometimes it's hard for me to put down a V.C. Andrews novel because it's that good. The first book I read by V.C. Andrews is Flowers in the Attic which became a movie. It's about a selfish mother who locks her 4 kids away in a attic for a few years because her father never approved of her marriage to her uncle who was really her half brother but the mother never knew that her husband was her half brother. The grandmother thought her grand kids were the devils and hated them every much. At the end of the story one of the kids die on the counting of the grandmother put rat poison in the donuts but only one of them ate it. The name of the children are Catherine, Chris, Cory and Carrie who are twins. Cory is the one who ate the poisonous and died at the end. The other three escaped and didn't even bother to say good bye to their mother. The grandfather who the kids never met died before getting to know each other. If anyone wants to read a book about secrets and betrayals then Flowers in the Attic is the book for you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Angel's 21st Birthday

Thursday November 13TH, 2008 was my boyfriend Angel's 21ST birthday. Angel is really happy to be 21 years old and so am I. In honor of his 21ST birthday Angel, Justin, myself and Angel's other friend Lenny went to Dave and Busters for some fun. I arrived at the restaurant before my boyfriend and I found Justin waiting in front of the restaurant. A few minutes later Angel and Lenny arrived. Dave and Busters is a restaurant/bar/arcade that you have to be 21 and over to get into. Since Angel's friend Lenny is way older than us we got in with no problem. First we all bought this orange card that you put money in it to play in the arcade. It's like a credit card but only for the arcade. We were all playing games like crazy. There is this game that you pull a lever and whatever you land on you win that many tickets. I hit the 500 ticket jackpot twice which was awesome. Lenny didn't join us for dinner because he had to go to work. Before he left Lenny gave me and Justin 20 bucks to play in the arcade. Angel got 40 bucks because it was his birthday. The food at Dave and Busters was great and my boyfriend Angel had his first non virgin pina colada. If anyone doesn't know what that is it's coconut milk mixed with pineapple juice and alcohol. I don't like anything with coconut so I didn't order a drink but I am old enough to drink. Since it was Angel's birthday I order a surprise triple chocolate cake for him which he loved very much. After the three of us paid the bill and went back to the arcade to play more games. We were at Dave and Buster's until 10:30 p.m. but before we left I cashed in all my tickets that I won playing in the arcade for the prizes that they were giving away at the arcade. It was such a fun night for the three of us and I want to go to Dave and Buster's again just to play in the arcade. Angel loved the birthday present I gave him because it was what he wanted and he said, "this is the best birthday ever".