Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anthony's 3rd Birthday

Monday October 13TH, 2008 was my nephew Anthony's 3RD birthday. I can't believe my nephew is 3 years old. I'm so proud of him!!!!!! Anthony was very happy it was his birthday and so was my whole family. My sister Jessica gave her son Anthony race cars and race track for his birthday. He really likes his new toys very much. While my sister was getting the birthday stuff ready I was in charge of taking Anthony outside along with my twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya who are his cousins. We were all at the park until 5:00 p.m. because Anthony, my nieces, Jessica and I all went to our grandma's house for Anthony's birthday party. My sister thought it would be a good idea for our grandma to be surrounded with family. The theme of Anthony's party was Ben 10 which is why I have a Ben 10 picture on my post. Anthony got more presents at his Ben 10 birthday party. He got Ben 10 toys from Jessica, construction trucks from me, and my mom gave him nice clothes from Children's Place. While I was at the party both my sisters and my digital camera batteries were really low. However the 3 of us got to take enough pictures before our camera batteries died. Anthony's cake was a vanilla ice cream chocolate cake and it was good. Everyone had a good time at the party and it was a very Happy Birthday for Anthony.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My 21TH Birthday

Saturday October 4TH, 2008 was my 21TH birthday. I can't believe I'm 21 years old. Good for me!!!! On my birthday I got really cute presents. My mom gave me a new pink leather journal from the musical Wicked and Lip gloss from Victoria's Secrets. My boyfriend Angel gave me a new scrapbook because he knows I like to put special pictures in a scrapbook. He also gave me a Hinata doll which is a character from Nautro. On our way to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum we met up with Angel's friend Justin who also gave me a birthday present. Justin gave me a lady liberty doll that looks like a Japanese animate character which is so cute. When Angel and I got to The Ripley's Believe it or not Museum we saw so many unusual things. For example there was a statue of the world's tallest man Robert Waldow who stood 8ft and 11inches tall. Angel and I had a good time at Ripley's Believe or not Museum. After that we went to little Italy for a romantic dinner for two at a restaurant which I can't remember the name. The food was great that I made sure the waiter got a nice tip. Then we went back to my house to cut the cake my neighbor Nora made for me. It was a sweet Strawberry Shortcake which was very enjoyable. My 21TH birthday was great and both of my older sisters Debbie and Jessica are happy that their baby sister is finally 21. It's because they want to take me to clubs and do things that I couldn't do before because I was underage. However that's not gonna happen because I'm not a party girl and I never will be. By the way the reason why I put the Happy Birthday sign on my post it's because I thought it would look nice on my post.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Naturo and Hinata

That's Naturo and another character named Hinata. Hinata has a huge major crush on Naturo but she won't admit it because she's super shy. As you can see in this picture Hinata is blushing because Naturo is in front of her. If your wondering why is Naturo is upside down it's because in the show ninjas have different techniques called jusu's. I've seen this episode and Hinata faints after Naturo touches her forthead to see if she has a fever due to her red face. To anyone who has a huge crush on a special person don't faint like Hinata did. LOL!!!!!! Just trying talking to him or her and see where it goes from there.


That's a picture from another animate I like to watch called Naruto. It's a show about a ninja named Naturo who is disrespected in his villiage because inside of him is the nine tale fox demon that was sealed away by the fourth hokgae who is Naruto's late father. A hokgae is the leader of a village if no one knew that. Naruto may be known as the knuckle head ninja of the leaf village but there is nothing he wouldn't do to protect his home and his comrades.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jonas Brothers year 3000

This is a clip of the Jonas Brothers singing year 3000 from the movie Meet The Robinsons.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Princess Peach

When I was a kid I used to play any kind of super Mario Brothers game. In all of the Mario games I've ever played Mario recused Princess Peach from the evil Bowser who always kidnapps Princess Peach and wants to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. In the vdeo game Super Princess Peach It's Princess Peach's turn to be the hero. Boswer kidnapps Mario, his brother Lugi and some of the people from the Mushroom kingdom. At first her advisers told her not to go when she decides to go and recuse Mario and the others but Peach wants to do it because this princess is no damel in distress. On her adventure Princess Peach has a magical talking umbrella named Perry who helps Peach on her journey to recuse her friends. Super Princess Peach the video game first came out in Japan on Thursday October 20TH, 2005. The game came out in America on Monday February 27TH, 2006. I got this game for my 20TH birthday last year. Princess Peach has powers depending on her emotions. Calm is healing her energy, Gloom is when Peach cries she can make plants grow and sand go away, Rage is when Peach is angry and there's fire coming out of her to burn everything in her way and to stomp, and joy makes Peach fly.I like playing Super Princess Peach because it's Peach's turn to be the hero.