Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update about me

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. It's me Kristine!!!!!!! It's been also a year since my last blog post. Here is what has been going on with me. A week after my 23rd birthday I got a email that I was accepted into Borough of Manhattan Community College. I was freaking out because I thought that day would never come that I would get into college. I told the college and carrer specalist who helped me out with all the very boring paperwork and she was happy for me. I took the CUNY exam but I didn't do so well on some parts of the test. I started my first semster at bmcc on Friday January 28th, 2011. I did sign up for more classes but I dropped a few classes and I withdrew from a music class I knew that I was going to fail. I only had three classes last semster and one of the classes I took I didn't do well in and I didn't like my professor because I don't think he knew I existed until the last class I had with him when he called out my name. I didn't sign up for any summer classes because I couldn't afford it and I wasn't sure if finanicl aid would cover it. I spend my scuny test again but I couldn't because I didn't take any remdeial classes during my first semester. That was my big mistake and because of that I wasn't able to sign up for the other early childhood ummer being lazy and having a lot of fun. I did do the smart thing and I picked out my classes for the 2nd semester three months in adavnce that way I wouldn't get stuck with classes from the bottom of the barrel. Before my first semester of college ended I tried to sign up to take the education classes I needed to take. But I did sign up for the two remdial classes I have to take which is English and math. The first day of my 2nd semester at bmcc was on Friday August 26th, 2011 and I promised I would work hard and do my best. A other thing that you should know about is that my 24th birthday is on Tuesday October 4th and I can't wait!!!!! I wonder what my boyfriend Angel got me this year?!?!?! I must know but I also know I have to wait which sucks for me because I hate waiting. What I do know is this that good things come to those who wait. I promise that I'll try to keep up with my blog because I can see that I have a few follwers and there are some comments on some of my old blog postes that I wish that I answered sooner. I plan on writing more blog postes soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anthony's 5TH Birthday

Wednesday October 13TH, 2010 was my nephew Anthony's 5TH birthday. That is a picture of the birthday boy sitting on his teacher's chair. I baked 60 cupcakes and it took me four hours to get ready because my sister Jessica wanted me to make a other batch at last minute. I made 48 regular cupcakes and 12 tiny cupcakes since I had leftover batter. Plus I was helping with party bags for the children. That's Anthony with one of the cupcakes I made with chocolate sprinkles on it. Anthony wanted chocolate sprinkles on his cupcakes so I put chocolate sprinkles on 12 of the cupcakes I made. Anthony looks so happy and he was so happy when his birthday came.
That's Anthony and my sister Jessica who is Anthony's mom. In honor of his special day Anthony wanted to go bowling so it was me, Anthony, both of my older sisters Debbie and Jessica, my fraternal twin nieces, and my grandnephew. We all had a good time bowling.

That's my sister Jessica with her son Anthony, our twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya, and our grandnephew Aalias. Anthony was so happy to celebrate his birthday with his cousins.

That is my grandnephew Aalias holding a light green bowling ball. He is such a cute little boy. I can't believe how much he look likes his mother who is my oldest niece. Aalias even smiles like his mom. He also had his mom's wild crazy hair.
This is me with my seven year old fraternal twin nieces. Araynya is to my left and Drevonnya is to my right.

This is Anthony about to open his birthday presents at home.

Anthony is opening one of his presents. My sister Jessica gave him a digital camera and a game for the wii.
Anthony is holding the present I got for him for his birthday. I bought that Sonic doll at the anime festival for Anthony and I knew he would like it. Anthony had a good birthday and I know he is looking forward to his birthday next year.

My 23RD Birthday

Monday October 4TH, 2010 was my 23RD birthday. I'm 23 years old now so get used to it world. However I don't feel like I'm 23. I feel like I'm 18 years old. A lot of people tell me I don't look like my age. I'm so flattered!!!!!!!!!! That's me with my beautiful fruit basket Angel gave me for my birthday. The fruit basket is from Edible Arrangements and I always thought the fruit baskets from that company are beautiful. I'm lucky to get a sweet gift from the love of my life. Angel is also in this picture and I'm loving the clothes he is wearing.

That's my boyfriend Angel and he is looking hot as always. Angel took me to UNO for my birthday dinner. The food was delicious.

That's me sitting at UNO and I'm wearing a new top. I'm also wearing a necklace I bought at chinatown that I wanted.

This is a picture if the beautiful fruit basket Angel bought for me for my birthday. Angel had my present delivered which was sweet of him to do. Angel was in my home when my present came and I was surprised to get it.
That's me cutting my birthday cake. It was a Strawberry Short Cake from Vennrios and it was awesome.

That's my birthday cake all lit up with the trick birthday candles my sister Jessica bought for me. I did not think the trick candles were funny. My birthday was good and I look forward to my birthday next year.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kristine and Fiorella wearing Kokomos

Sunday Ocotber 10TH, 2010 I attended the first annual Japan and Korea block fair in the neighborhood where my friend Fiorella lives. Fiorella and I had fun at this street fair and it wasn't lame like the street fairs I've been to in the past. While we were attending the fair my friend Fiorella and I saw a booth that you can try on a Kokomo for just a two dollar donation. I'm wearing the pink kokomo with light pink flowers and Fiorella is wearing a blue and purple Kokomo. We both look really pretty. The reason why I wanted to try on a Kokomo is because my boyfriend Angel always wanted to buy me one but he could never find any. It was a good thing I asked if there is a store that sells these beautiful Kokomos. I got a business card of a store that sells Kokomos so maybe Angel will check it out. I hope everyone likes these pictures.

2010 Anime Festival/Comic Con

Hello to all that are bloggers. On Saturday October 9TH, 2010 I went to the Anime Festival/Comic Con with my boyfriend Angel. I had a lot of fun that day and I went crazy buying stuff. This year for the anime festival I was dressed as Kiki from the movie Kiki's Delivery Service. Angel was dressed as Zero from Vampire Knight. As you can see in this picture My boo dyed his hair sliver. I think he looks like a grandpa with that hair color. But I do like his costume and Angel thought I was adoorable.

That's me dressed as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. I made the red bow I'm wearing on my head. Making my bow took me a few hours but it came out great. I also made the radio that is attached to my broom. It took me three days to make that radio because I kept changing it over and over again. It was worth changing my radio because when I was finally done with it I was happy how it turned out. I bought my broom at Party City, I bought my dress at Old Navy. Sorry folks I tried to find a cosplay website that sells Kiki's Delivery Service costumes but no such luck. However I'm ok with what I got and I hope you are too. I bought my cute toy black cat Jiji on ebay. I was the only girl dressed as Kiki at the festival and people kept stopping me to take my picture which I was honored to do.
That's Angel's friend Justin who I call Candy boy. The reason why I call him Candy boy is because he eats a lot of candy. Justin is dressed as a character that he made up. We all had a good time at the anime festival/ comic con and I want to go again next year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luigi and Daisy as a couple

Hello to all of you that blog and enjoy video games. Have you ever thought about Luigi and Princess Daisy being lovers? I know I have since Mario and Princess Peach are in love why not Luigi and Princess Daisy?!? Picture number 1 is Daisy and Luigi sitting under tree during a beautiful sunset.
Picture number 2 is Luigi and Daisy sitting in a meadow. Luigi puts a daisy in Daisy's hair.

Picture number 3 is Daisy and Luigi at Christmas time. Luigi is standing under the mistletoe so that means he gets a kiss from Daisy. He is so shy about Daisy kissing him that he blushes. That is too cute!!!!!

Picture number 4 is Princess Daisy and Luigi as babies. They are holding hands and enjoying ice cream like childhood sweethearts.

Picture number 5 is Luigi giving Daisy a beautiful flower that matches her dress. As you can see there are pink hearts in the back round and it means to me that they are in love.

Picture number 6 is Luigi and Princess Daisy holding hands. They look very happy together.

Picture number 7 is Daisy and Luigi looking at each other with love in their eyes. Princess Daisy and Luigi make a cute couple. I hope everyone out there thinks so too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mario's Friends and Enemies as Babies

Hello to everyone that blogs and plays video games. Have you ever thought about what would Mario and all friends and enemies look likes as cute little babies? For today's blog post here are some cute pictures of some characters you might know or not of what they look like as babies. Picture number 1 is Baby Princess Roselina. You may recognize Roselina from Super Mario Gaxaly 1. That's Roselina as a baby holding hands with a black luma star.
Picture number 2 is Baby Wario and Baby Boswer. They look like they are up to something naughty.
Picture number 3 is Princess Daisy and Walugi as babies. They are sleeping next to each other.

Picture numebr 4 is Princess Peach as a cute baby. She looks so tiny. I hope a plush doll of Princess Peach as a baby is made.

Picture number 5 is Baby Princess Daisy. She is so adoorable!!!!

Picture number 6 is another picture of Princess Roselina as a baby. This time she isn't holding hands with her luma,

Picture number 7 is a picture of the famous Mario Brothers as cute little babies.

Picture number 8 is Baby Peach and Daisy together with cute dresses and matching shoes. If anybody out there has a favorite baby picture from my post let me know.