Monday, October 11, 2010

Kristine and Fiorella wearing Kokomos

Sunday Ocotber 10TH, 2010 I attended the first annual Japan and Korea block fair in the neighborhood where my friend Fiorella lives. Fiorella and I had fun at this street fair and it wasn't lame like the street fairs I've been to in the past. While we were attending the fair my friend Fiorella and I saw a booth that you can try on a Kokomo for just a two dollar donation. I'm wearing the pink kokomo with light pink flowers and Fiorella is wearing a blue and purple Kokomo. We both look really pretty. The reason why I wanted to try on a Kokomo is because my boyfriend Angel always wanted to buy me one but he could never find any. It was a good thing I asked if there is a store that sells these beautiful Kokomos. I got a business card of a store that sells Kokomos so maybe Angel will check it out. I hope everyone likes these pictures.


davenchica23 said...

We look so cute in our japanese dress

christy x said...

yall both look so purrrty