Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anthony's 5TH Birthday

Wednesday October 13TH, 2010 was my nephew Anthony's 5TH birthday. That is a picture of the birthday boy sitting on his teacher's chair. I baked 60 cupcakes and it took me four hours to get ready because my sister Jessica wanted me to make a other batch at last minute. I made 48 regular cupcakes and 12 tiny cupcakes since I had leftover batter. Plus I was helping with party bags for the children. That's Anthony with one of the cupcakes I made with chocolate sprinkles on it. Anthony wanted chocolate sprinkles on his cupcakes so I put chocolate sprinkles on 12 of the cupcakes I made. Anthony looks so happy and he was so happy when his birthday came.
That's Anthony and my sister Jessica who is Anthony's mom. In honor of his special day Anthony wanted to go bowling so it was me, Anthony, both of my older sisters Debbie and Jessica, my fraternal twin nieces, and my grandnephew. We all had a good time bowling.

That's my sister Jessica with her son Anthony, our twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya, and our grandnephew Aalias. Anthony was so happy to celebrate his birthday with his cousins.

That is my grandnephew Aalias holding a light green bowling ball. He is such a cute little boy. I can't believe how much he look likes his mother who is my oldest niece. Aalias even smiles like his mom. He also had his mom's wild crazy hair.
This is me with my seven year old fraternal twin nieces. Araynya is to my left and Drevonnya is to my right.

This is Anthony about to open his birthday presents at home.

Anthony is opening one of his presents. My sister Jessica gave him a digital camera and a game for the wii.
Anthony is holding the present I got for him for his birthday. I bought that Sonic doll at the anime festival for Anthony and I knew he would like it. Anthony had a good birthday and I know he is looking forward to his birthday next year.