Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with my crazy family lol

Hello to everyone who is a blogger or not for the post I'm writing now I'm going to talk about how I spend Thanksgiving. On the Day before Thanksgiving I decide that it would be a good thing that I bake in honor of this holiday. Plus my twin nieces that love my treats Drevonnya and Araynya spend Thanksgiving with me, my mom, my 2ND older sister Jessica and my nephew Anthony who is their favorite cousin and Jessica's only son. I made confetti cupcakes with colorful frosting made by me. They were the same cupcakes I made for Anthony on his 4TH birthday. My twin nieces loved the cupcakes I made especially Araynya because while she stood with me she ate five of them. Drevonnya ate three and so did Anthony. While my twin nieces were here I'm sorry to say that Drevonnya was sick with a fever. That sucked because I took Araynya and Anthony to the park and I had to leave Drevonnya at home because I didn't want her to get sicker. My niece Drevonnya hated taking the medicine that I had in my home because she prefers tablets over liquid medicine. I don't blame her because I hated taking medicine too when I was a little girl. However I learned that medicine is gross but it can make a person feel better. My sister Jessica had to buy these chewable tablets for kids at Rite Aid just for Drevonnya to take since she hated the other medicine so bad that she was crying about not wanting to take it. Like I do every year I watched the macy's thanksgiving day parade on t.v. since I would never stand in the cold just to watch colorful balloons and floats. My twin nieces and my nephew watched the parade with me for a little bit. They were more interest playing the Nintendo wii. But I did call them over when Santa Claus came at the end of the parade and they were happy to see Santa Claus on t.v. My aunt cuca who I think is a crazy fruit loop and my grandma also join us for Thanksgiving. If you want to know the truth this was the first time my aunt spend Thanksgiving with us. My mom made two turkeys one whole bird and the other one was just a turkey breast. The first to eat was my nieces and nephew because kids take forever to eat. After that my aunt and grandma ate and they both seemed to enjoy their meals. After that I ate Thanksgiving dinner too which was great because my mom is a good cook when it comes to holiday dinners. My aunt and grandmother left after 6 to go home and Anthony spend Thanksgiving weekend with his grandparents on his father's side after he had dinner with my family. Anthony didn't want to go because he enjoys playing with his cousins but my twin nieces had to go home too. Later on my oldest sister Debbie came and picked up her daughters. Drevonnya and Araynya took the rest of the cupcakes I made home and by now I bet they finished them a long time ago. I guess I would have to say Thanksgiving this year was ok. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the holiday season that is on it's way. By the way if anyone is wondering why I call this post Thanksgiving with my crazy family lol is because I felt like it and I thought it would be funny. Happy Holidays everyone in the world.