Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day with Angel

Hello to everyone who blogs. I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I know I did with my boyfriend Angel. Valentine's Day is also my anniversey when Angel and I started dating. It has now been three wonderful years. I started Valentine's Day by doing one of the things I do best and that is baking. Angel loves whatever I bake because it's always made with love and most of the time chocolate. Angel really likes chocolate a lot which is why I call him a chocolatic. I bake sugar cookies and chewy fugde brownies. I was going to bake sugar cookies with pretty red and pink hearts but the supermarket that I wanted to buy them from only had Easter cookies. What kind of dum supermarket sells Easter cookies in February? Easter is not until Sunday April 4TH, 2010 and the supermarket that I wanted to buy Valentine's Day cookies from started to sell cookies for Easter. I was mad and both my mom and I realized that we should of bought Valentine's Day cookies sooner. I bought plain sugar cookies instead since I didn't find what I really wanted. One of my friend's Fiorella came over to give me a Valentine's Day present. She gave me a Hello Kitty doll wearing a yellow dress and a box of yogurt from her mother's job. The doll is really cute and the yogurt was really good. I gave Fiorella a little Valentine's Day dog, a small box of chocolate and a bag of brownies and sugar cookies that I made. We chilled in my house for a while and we were watching the movie Coraline. Fiorella said she said never seen Coraline and she enjoyed it very much. After Fiorella went home my boyfriend Angel came and we gave each other gifts. I gave Angel a new action figure, a chocolate rose, two small boxes of chocolates, a little teddy bear and a bag of cookies and brownies which made Angel very happy. I got a red Hello Kitty trinket box, the essential book of useless information, a red rose, a Valentine's Day balloon, a box of chocolates with cherry filling and a small box of chocolate inside a heart shape box with roses on it. Before we went out to dinner Angel and I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas that Angel gave me for Christmas. When the movie finished we left to go to dinner at this resturant Angel pick out. We went to this resturant called Ruby's Foo. We got to Ruby Foo at 8:17 p.m. but since it was Valentine's Day there was a lot of people at the resturant but Angel did the smart thing by making a reservation in advance. However we still had to wait for an hour. When Angel and I finally got a table we ordered Chicken Stir Fry and it was great. Angel and I had a wonderful night and the food was awesome. Our Valversey was wonderful and I look forward to next year.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Danny and Sam in Love

Hello to the people out there who blog. For today's post I'm going to write about two characters from a T.V. show I used to watch on Nickelodeon called Danny Phantom. It's about a 14 year old boy name Danny Fenton and his parents are ghost hunters and they are always making crazy inventions that are involve in what they do and that is hunt ghost. Danny's parents invent a portal to the ghost world which at first they didn't think it was working. Danny went inside of it to check it out and if seen or heard about Danny Phantom you know what happens next. A explosion in the ghost portal gives Danny ghostly powers and he becomes half ghost and the super hero Danny Phantom. In the show Danny had two best friends Sam and Tucker. However Tucker isn't in my post for today because I'm focusing on Danny's female friend Sam who is a goth girl that likes Danny a lot. I've seen all the episodes of Danny Phantom including the very last one where Danny saves the world from being destroyed and finally hooking up with Sam. I knew those two lovebirds would be together. Here are some pictures of Danny and Sam together as a couple in love. Picture number 1 is Danny and Sam looking at each other with so much love in their eyes.
Picture number 2 is what Danny and Sam would look like if they were Japanese characters. I think they look cool that way.

Picture number 3 is Danny in his ghost form and he is about to make out with Sam. Isn't that sweet?!?!?!?!?

Picture number 4 is a photo album with pictures of the happy couple as teenagers to becoming Mr and Mrs. Danny Fenton. I hope you all my post that I wrote today. Please leave nice comments because I will delete any comments that are mean and or hurtful.