Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My thoughts about the GED test

To all my fellow bloggers I would like to say that I'm taking the GED test again on Monday March 9TH, 2009. The last time I took the GED test was Monday October 27TH, 2009. It was a very long test and I got really hungry during the GED test. I got my scores a few weeks after I took the GED test and I failed math. The other subjects were passing but they weren't that high. I was upset that I didn't get my GED Diploma but I know I can do way better. I know I can pass this time because I really want to be part of my school's graduration. It would make me very happy and I want everybody to be proud of me for all my hard work. Wish me luck for the upcoming GED test I'm about to take in two weeks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day with Hello Kitty

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. As you know Saturday February 14TH, 2009 is Valentines Day. That means chocolate, flowers and couples going on romantic dates with that special someone. I know that I'm going to have a great Valentines Day because I got a date with my hot boyfriend Angel. Valentines Day is also the anniversary since Angel and I hooked up. I can't wait until Saturday!!!!!!!! In honor of Valentines Day I have posted different Valentines Day pictures featuring Hello Kitty because I can and it's my blog so get use to it. I hope every one likes theses pics and seriously please leave your comments. To anyone reading this I hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Car Explosion

Tuesday February 3RD, 2009 a man named Dr. Trent P. Pierce was about to go into his car when it exploded. Dr. Pierce was seriously hurt and because of the explosion he lost one of his eyes. No body knows how the explosion happened or who did it. This all happened in Arkansas Where Dr. Trent P. Pierce lives. Dr. Pierce's surgery was really long because he also had serious burns on his faces and a lot of wounds. However his injuries aren't life threathing. There was other people hurt due to the explosion but no one was killed. Police are still investing of how the explosion happened and they are questioning witnesses who saw the explosion. The link is right here on my post. Please read and leave your comments about this event.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Article I found on nytimes.com

This article is about the war in El ATATRA. It talks about a family was killed because of the war. A man named Ahed al-Daaor lost his mother and brother because the milarity killed them. Plus there was a bomb in the home where they live that filled the house with chemicals. Ahed al-Daaor and his four year old cousin Nor survived. Reading this article has made me realize that war is evil. Nothing good comes out of anything when innocent people are killed for no reason. Aheld al-Daaor lost his mom and brother on Sunday January 4TH, 2009. A lot of people were killed because of the war. Two teenage boys were shot to death, a baby was eaten by dogs, and a woman's body was crushed by a big metal tank. There was also two girls that were burn really badly. When I read this article it makes me wish that there was no more wars anywhere in the world. It causes nothing but trouble and a lot of people who are innocent die for no reason. Please read my post and leave your comments about your opinion about this post and article.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Essay For Computer class

This is an essay I did for computer class. Everybody had to choose a different topic to write a essay about. My topic for my essay is Should the school year have a summer vacation? My teacher John told me to post my essay on my blog. Please read my essay and leave your comments.

Should the school year have a summer vacation? The answer is yes the school year should have a summer vacation. There are many reasons why the school year should have a summer vacation. Ten out of Twelve months kids are working hard and studying all the time. They need a break from school. If the school has no Air Conditioning no student or teacher wants to be in a hot building if there is summer school. Teachers work hard teaching kids, grading their work and coming up with lesson plans.

Out of all the reasons there should be a summer vacation, the first that comes to mind is vacation itself! During the summer kids need a long break to enjoy themselves. Out of the Twelve months in a year kids go to school for Ten of them. They are working hard and they spend most of their time studying at home, in school, or at the library. There are students out there that actually come to school five out of seven days in a week. Kids go to school that way they can learn new things and study hard for a test. Students spend a lot of time doing homework that way they can turn their work in on time. If kids don’t get a break from school they could get really tired and their grades could slip.

Another reason why the school year should have a summer vacation is because the building can get hot during the summer. If the school doesn’t have any air conditioning students don’t want to be in a hot room during the summer. There are some schools that don’t have any air conditioning at all. Even if the student comes to school every day and does their work he or she could get really hot. When I was a teenager, back in my old high school there was no air conditioning in any of the rooms. Only the computer labs and the main office had air conditioning. It was really hot in all the other class rooms, including the gym. I was so glad that I had good grades and I never went to summer school.

Another reason why the school year should have a summer vacation is teachers work hard. Every day teachers teach their students new things and come up with lesson plans. They also spend a lot of time grading projects, test papers, and homework. Depending on how many students there are either in the class or do the work it could take a while to grade all the work. Teachers should have the same summer vacation just like their students because they deserve a nice long break from all the hard work.

In conclusion, the school year should have a summer vacation. Students work hard and there are students that actually do their work and come to school every day. If a student ends up in summer school he or she doesn’t want to be in a very hot room with no air conditioning. Also teachers need time off from all the hard work they put in through out the whole school year.