Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My thoughts about the GED test

To all my fellow bloggers I would like to say that I'm taking the GED test again on Monday March 9TH, 2009. The last time I took the GED test was Monday October 27TH, 2009. It was a very long test and I got really hungry during the GED test. I got my scores a few weeks after I took the GED test and I failed math. The other subjects were passing but they weren't that high. I was upset that I didn't get my GED Diploma but I know I can do way better. I know I can pass this time because I really want to be part of my school's graduration. It would make me very happy and I want everybody to be proud of me for all my hard work. Wish me luck for the upcoming GED test I'm about to take in two weeks.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Ok Kristine:

I am proud of you! I know you are working hard. Forget about the scores so long as you pass. Get yourself a good math tutor, go back to that rotten school BREC and see what they can do for you as you are eligable for services up till age 21 and also call the DOE and see if they can help.

As I teacher I am saddened and ashamed that a good and hard working student like you should be in this position through no fault of your own. Teachers are not really trained well to deal with students with disabilites You did well in languages but not in Science and Math which are the most difficult.

I have faith in you. I KNOW YOU WILL GET THAT GED!