Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Article I found on

This article is about the war in El ATATRA. It talks about a family was killed because of the war. A man named Ahed al-Daaor lost his mother and brother because the milarity killed them. Plus there was a bomb in the home where they live that filled the house with chemicals. Ahed al-Daaor and his four year old cousin Nor survived. Reading this article has made me realize that war is evil. Nothing good comes out of anything when innocent people are killed for no reason. Aheld al-Daaor lost his mom and brother on Sunday January 4TH, 2009. A lot of people were killed because of the war. Two teenage boys were shot to death, a baby was eaten by dogs, and a woman's body was crushed by a big metal tank. There was also two girls that were burn really badly. When I read this article it makes me wish that there was no more wars anywhere in the world. It causes nothing but trouble and a lot of people who are innocent die for no reason. Please read my post and leave your comments about your opinion about this post and article.

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