Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kiki's Delivery Service

One of my favorite movies to watch is Kiki's Delivery Service. It's about a 13 year old girl name Kiki who is a witch. In the movie she has to go away for a year to train on her own to become a better witch. Kiki's mom is also a witch and that is whom Kiki gets her powers from. Picture number 1 is a picture of Kiki's black cat Jiji and she has the ability to talk to Jiji and he talks backs to her. Jiji goes with Kiki on her journey to become a better witch. Jiji and Kiki are best friends. In the movie Kiki starts her own delivery service that way people can send packages where ever they have to go.

Picture number 2 is Kiki and a boy she met in the town where she is settled in. His name is Tombo and thinks it's cool that Kiki is a witch. His hobby is flying and Tombo is always inventing ways to make his dreams come true. At first when Kiki met Tombo she didn't like him but they got to know each other and became good friends.

Picture number 3 is Kiki flying on her broom along with her black cat Jiji. Like I said before Jiji and Kiki can talk to each other. Kiki is about to land in the town where she gets settle in. If you seen the movie then you know what happens when Kiki trys to land.

Picture number 4 is Kiki lying on a grassy field in her hometown. She is listening to the weather report on her dad's radio. Kiki then decided that since it was going to be a fullmoon out that night she thought it would be the perfect time to go on her journey to train as witch. Kiki's dad gives her the radio because she always listening to it.

Picture number 5 is Kiki and her black cat Jiji sitting in a bakery. When Kiki settles in she meets a woman named Osono. Osono likes Kiki and she gives her a place to stay and hires Kiki as her delivery girl. She also looks out for Kiki as a second mom especially when Kiki got sick coming back from a delivery trip on a stormy night.

Picture number 6 is Kiki, Tombo and Jiji riding on Tombo's flying bike. To me it looks like Kiki and Jiji are freaking out.
Picture number 7 is Kiki flying on her broom near the big clock tower in the town where Kiki settles in. She looks very happy to be in the new town.
Picture number 8 is Kiki and a person she met while she was making a delivery. Her name is Ursula and is an artist that lives in a log cabin in the woods. In the movie Kiki was deliverying a toy black cat for a woman that was going to be late for her nephew's birthday party. While Kiki was on her way a bunch of black birds came and flew into Kiki. The toy cat got lost and Jiji has to pretend to be the toy while Kiki went to look for it. Ursula found it and gave it back to Kiki as a deal they made. The deal was for Kiki to help clean the cabin and Ursula fixed the toy because the head was coming off. During the movie Kiki was losing her witches powers because one night Jiji came in and they couldn't talk to each other and Kiki wasn't able to fly. Ursula thought it would be a good idea for Kiki to spend the night at her cablin that way she can take it easy. That is Kiki in a truck along with Ursula and guy who's name I don't know but Ursula knows him and he gives them a lift.
Picture number 9 is Kiki and Tombo riding together on Tombo's bike that has a propeller in the front.
Picture number 10 is Kiki along with her mom and dad and all the neigbors wishing Kiki a safe trip. Kiki is switching brooms with her mom because Kiki's mom thinks the broon her daughter made is too small and Kiki takes her mom's old broom with her on her trip. At first Kiki really didn't want to use her mother's broom because she thought it was too old. However Kiki's mom said it's better for her and it can stand anykind of weather. Kiki realize that her mom was right and switches brooms.

Picture number 11 is Osono. She was the first adult Kiki met and gave her a place to stay where Kiki had nowhere else to go. Osono also gave Kiki a job as her delivery girl. That is how Kiki got her delivery service started. As I said before Osono is like a second mom to Kiki and looks out for her. Kiki is very grateful for Osono letting her stay with Osono.
Picture number 12 is a picture of Kiki looking at herself in the mirror and Jiji is in the picture too. I think this painting is very nice.
Picture number 13 is Kiki flying in the air along with Jiji who is really scared that Kiki is going really fast. The reason why I did on a post about Kiki's Delivery Service is because I love that movie very much and I decide that my costume for the 2010 anime festival that is happening at the Javis Center and it's starts on Friday October 8TH, 2010 and it ends on Sunday October 10TH, 2010. So far I have a dark dress and I'm going to try my best to get the other things for my costume. That is all I have to say for now. Let me know what you think of the post I put for my blog entry.