Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello Kitty

This is a picture of my favorite little cat Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel under a cherry blossom tree. This picture is so pretty and romantic. It reminds of me and my boyfriend Angel.

That is Hello Kitty's kitten CharmmyKitty. She was given to Hello Kitty as a gift from her boyfriend Daniel. She even wears a bow on her right ear just like Hello Kitty. I think she is so cute.

That's Hello Kitty hugging a little teddybear. The flowers in the back round give it a spring time look.

That is a picture of what Hello Kitty would look like as a pretty lady bug. I like this picture alot and I hope anyone who reads my post about Hello kitty on my blog likes these pictures too. Please leave nice comments because I don't like mean comments. It's not nice.

My Grandnephew Aalias

This is a picture of my grandnephew Aalias. I know what your thinking. How is it that I have a adorable grandnephew at my age? I'm just lucky I guess. My grandnephew Aalias was born on Monday May 26TH, 2008. He is my oldest niece's first born baby. I met Aalias about a week after he was born. He is such a cute little baby. Look at him and be amazed by his cuteness. I held him a few times and he actually likes it when I hold him. Aalias is currently four months old and most likely getting cuter every single day. I like being a great aunt but I will be teaching Aalias to call me ti ti not great aunt Kristine which I am to him but I like the title ti ti better. LOL!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Momo and Sae

This is another picture from Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane. Momo is at the left side of the picture and Sae is at the right. As I said before in my other post about Peach Girl Sae is Momo's so call friend but Sae is really her moral emeny, copy's everything Momo does, and is such a evil witch. For example Sae is the one that tells the whole school what kind of person Momo is such as a party girl, easy to be with, and is a bully to Sae which is not true. If you don't believe me look it up your self. Another example about how bad Sae is in episode 9 It's Momo sweet 16Th birthday and Sae is up to her dirty tricks. She confesses that she is in love with Toji and wants to be with him. However Toji finally relizes what kind of person Sae is when she tries to kiss him. During the episode Sae and a famous male model named Jigoro who falls in love with Sae and thinks that Momo is a horrible person because Sae lied and said that Momo bullies her. However Sae dumps Jigoro because she said she is in love with Toji. Momo and Toji are having a great time celebrating Momo's birthday unitl Sae called and said that she needs Momo's help. But once again it was a other lie. Jigoro takes Momo for a drive and the male model fakes his love for Momo and goes after her because it was the plan that Sae and Jigoro thought of. Sae goes to Toji's house and is dressed just like Momo to fool him. When Toji found out boy was he pissed off. Later on Jigoro lies and said that he is in love with Momo and chases her into a store room with boxes that fall on Momo's head. Jigoro brings Momo back to his place and puts her in his bed. When Momo woke up she started freaking out and starts crying because she thought something happned in bed. Nothing did happen but when Toji, Sae and Kiley who tagged along to help find Momo Toji beats the crap out of Jigoro when all of them get to the apartment. Momo knows that it was all Sae's idea and yells at her. Before everyone leaves Sae takes a picture of Momo and Jigoro in the bed together which by the way nothing happened at all. But I said about Sae she makes up the biggest lies you'll ever hear in your life. She uses the picture to blackmail Toji into dumping Momo so that she can date him. If Toji didn't do what Sae wanted then she would show that picture to the whole world and get Momo exspelled from school. Eventually let's just say Sae gets a taste of her own medcine and relizes her evil ways. I believe I've told you enough and if you want to know more about Peach Girl look it up.

Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane

This is a picture from another one of my favorite animate Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane. It's about a girl named Momo who is very pretty and has a dark tan and red hair because in middle school she was on the swin team. In high school all of Momo's class mates think of her as a party girl and say mean and nasty things behind her back just because of the way she looks. The reason why she is called alot of nasty names is because of her so call friend Sae who is nothing but a witch who makes up lies about other people to get what she wants. Momo likes this guy named Toji but she never told him because Momo was told by a friend of hers from middle school that Toji doesn't like girls with tanned skin. But that was a lie but it wasn't from Sae because Momo met Sae in high school. There is this other guy named Kiley who really likes Momo but he is known to be a playboy and a pervert. However all the girls are crazy in love with Kiley.Toji eventually finds out that Momo likes him alot and the reason why Momo never told him and Toji tells Momo that he likes her just the way she is. So they start dating but it isn't long until Sae interferes because Sae is just a annoying person who wants everything Momo has and will do anything to get her way. Peach Girl is a very dramatic Japanese animate that I enjoyed watching. If anyone is into animate I say check it out for yourself.

The Animate Festival

That's me dressed as my favorite animate character Hinata from a show I watch called Nautro. I really like being Hinata because there was maybe five or six other girls dressed as that character. So whenever a other person saw me dressed as Hinata they either came up and gave me a hug or took my picture. The Animate Festival was awesome and I want to go again next year.

This is a picture of my boyfriend Angel wearing his costume at the animate festival. The animate festival is a event where people who really like animates come and dress up as their favorite character. Angel is senforah from Final Fantasy. If I spelled the name of the character wrong please let me know. Angel, Myself, Our friend Justin and Justin's girlfriend Kat went to the animate festival on Saturday September 27TH, 2008. It was a lot of fun and I got some cool stuff including free prizes.

That's Justin dressed as L from a animate called Death note. The character L really loves Candy and so does Justin. Whenever people called Justin they all wanted to hug him because Justin's costume was really like the Character L's outfit. In other words the character L really works for Justin.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another School Rumble Picture

This is a other School Rumble picture I found on the Internet. This picture shows most of the characters from my favorite animate School Rumble. I really like School Rumble because it's really funny and romance at the same time. Sometimes the characters in the show get into situations like are really silly. For example in episode 19 Tenma's younger sister Yakumo volunteered to help out with the art show. A guy at her school Hanai who really likes Yakumo thinks that she is going to poise for a nude painting. When Tenma decides to help out her younger sister Yakumo Harima who really likes Tenma thinks she is going to poise nude as well. All the guys in the school think that the theme is going to be nude rust to the art show including Hanai and Harmia who came up with the plan to buy all the nude paintings of the girls of their dreams. When all the crazy minded guys get to the art show including Harima and Hanai it turns out the theme is cubism. Tenma and Yakumo are not even poising for the paintings they were just making sure everyone signs in. Harima and Hanai felt very stupid and went home. School Rumble is really funny so I say check it out if your into animate.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Sweetheart Angel

There is a very special guy in my life who I love and care about very much. His name is Angel and I have known him for a little over 5 years. I met my boyfriend Angel when I was a sophomore in high school. He was a freshman starting at Humanities. Back then I was dating someone else but I broke up with my ex boyfriend because of reasons that were stupid which I rather not discuss. I had Gym Class with Angel and he was really great as my bat mitten parther. We also had lunch period together later on in high school except in my senior year. But I did have one class with Angel and it was Government. I graduate a year before Angel because I was a grade higher. Before I went home on the last day of high school I gave Angel my contact info that way we could keep in touch. Plus I never admit to myself but I have been crazy about Angel since I was 15 years old. I didn't tell Angel about I felt about him until Tuesday December 19TH, 2006. Angel was walking me home one evening and I said to Angel, "there is something I've been wanting to tell you for the longest but I've never been able to admit it." "I've been crazy about you for a long time and I want to go on a date with you." He was really happy when I told him how I felt about him because Angel told me that night he feels the same way about me too. On Wednesday February 14TH, 2007 Valentines Day Angel and I went on our first romance date. We had dinner at Taco Taco which is also where I had my 20TH birthday dinner at. It was so wonderful to finally have dinner with the guy who stole my heart. Every year on Valentines Day Angel and I go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary because it's a day we'll never forget.

Monday, September 22, 2008

School Rumble

This is a picture of Tenma Tsukamoto from one of my favorite animted shows School Rumble. School Rumble is a romance comedy about a girl named Tenma who is madly in love with a guy named Karasuma who is so clueless about her feelings and really likes curry which is his favorite food. Mean while a other guy named Harima is in love with Tenma but she has no clue about Harima's feelings. This show is very funny and has nothing to do with anything that rumbles EVER!!!! If you want to know more about this show look it up on the internet and read about it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

How I ended up attending Access

Here is a story of how I ended up attending Access. I graduated from High School when I was just 17 years old. I was really happy to finally graduate from The Bayard Rustin Educational Complex. However I ended up getting my lame IEP diploma which is something I'm still not happy about to this day. After I graduate high school I attended a vocational school called Contemporary Guidance Services on Tuesday November 15TH, 2005. It's a nine month program for people who want jobs depending on what they want to do. The first day I went to CGS I got lost trying to find the school. It took me a hour and a half before I got to Contemporary Guidance Services. I chose to study childcare because I always adored little children. First I was evacuated for 15 days to see if I was ready for the childcare class CGS was offering. I did great and on Monday January 30TH, 2006 was my first day attending the childcare class Contemporary Guidance Services was offering. For 50 days I studied long and hard to get the internship I wanted that way I could learn what it is like working in a daycare. The first time I visit my internship was with my former job developer Mr.Stevens because he was showing me how to get to Educational Alliance which is a daycare and my old internship site that way I would know how to get there on my own when it was time for me to start learning more about childcare and how to work in a daycare. I started my internship on Thursday June 1ST, 2006 at Educational Alliance. I took a difference route to get to my internship which is all the way at East Broadway which is somewhere in Chinatown and I forgot the other way my former job developer told me to take. That didn't bug me because the route I took to get to my internship left me much closer to Educational Alliance. As soon as I arrived at my internship on the first day I was assigned to the classroom of 5 year olds and the only younger age groups I ever worked with at Educational Alliance was children between the ages of 3 to 4. Other then that I was mostly with the 5 year olds. I learned alot of things at my internship like how to calm a child down when he or she had a problem they needed solving, making sure the children stood in line when going for neighborhood and etc. On Friday September 29TH, 2006 was my last day as a intern at Educational Alliance because I was graduating from Contemporary Guidance Services. Everyone at Educational Alliance was sad to see me go but was proud of me for graduating. On my last day they gave me a beautiful gift basket filled with lots of goodies, a red teddy bear, and a glass mug. I graduated on Wednesday October 4TH, 2006 which was my 19TH birthday. I thought it was really cool to graduate on my special day and so did my family. Thursday October 5TH, 2006 that was my first day job hunting. I send my resume to who knows how many day cares and preschools in Manhattan to see if they were hiring. Around November I got a interviewed at a school called Manhattan Nursery but due to problems which weren't my fault and I rather not discuss I was fired Friday December 1ST, 2006. I was upset but at the same time they did me the favor because I hated that school so much. For three months I didn't have the guts to tell Mr.Stevens about what happen at my ex job. One day in February of 2007 My job developer called my house to see how was everything with me. I told him the truth and he wasn't mad at me which surprised me. So I returned to CGS for job placement to once again to continue my quest for a new job. I had many interviews at difference day cares but I always got rejected which made me very sad. On Friday May 25TH, 2007 I got a interview at Preschool of America and I got a job as a floater which means I was in different classrooms everyday. My first day at that school was on Tuesday July 31TH, 2007. I was so happy to be working there because my co workers were so nice and they helped me out alot since I was a beginner. It was great working at Preschool of America because it made me feel good to earn my own money. On Wednesday September 12TH, 2007 at 5:15 p.m. the assistant director who shall remain nameless calls me into the office and tells me that the school is over staffed and I was laid off. I was really upset about losing my job because I thought this job was the one for me. I was dead wrong!!!!!! I couldn't stop crying about it when I told my mom about it and she was as pissed off as I was. My boyfriend Angel comforted me at my time of need which was one of the sweetest things he has ever done for me. I called Mr.Stevens that evening and left a message about what happened. After that I decided that maybe childcare might not be for me. Around November 2007 a friend of my 2ND older sister got me a babysitting job for her roommate who needed a babysitter for his 3 year old son. Thanks to this job I guess I got a little bit of my confidence back. From November 2007 to May 2008 I was working but something happened which had nothing to do with me because my former boss losted his job and couldn't afforded me anymore. I had to find this out from my sister's friend who got me the job instead of from my former boss. At first I was trying to look for a other babysitting job but sadly I got nothing. That was when my friend Sherwin told me about Access. He knew about me getting a IEP diploma and how much I really wanted to do better with myself. On the morning of Monday July 7Th, 2008 Sherwin picked me up from my house to help me sign up at Access which is a GED high school as you all or maybe some of you know. I didn't know that on the day I signed up was going to be my first day of school. I was so unprepair and I wished that my friend told me that it was going to be my first day. As soon as school was out for the day I went to Jack's 99 cent store to buy school supplies that way I could be better prepared for school. I didn't do so well during the summer classes because I failed the pretest. So before the summer program ended I signed up for the fall classes. My first day back at school was on Tuesday September 2ND, 2008. I knew that if I try harder I can get the GED I want. I took a other pretest which I rather not talk about my scores but I know if I keep trying I will pass and get to take the real GED test soon. That is my story of how I ended up attending Access. Sometimes I wonder if I should of signed up for Access sooner but I'm here now and that's what counts. To any one who is reading this story if your wondering how I remember all these different dates from my pass it's because I never forgot and I looked it up in the datebook on my cellphone. I did the same thing for the other stories on my blog and I'll probably do that for further posts on my blog just to let you all know that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My nephew Anthony

In my family there is a very sweet little boy who I love very much. His name is Anthony and he is my nephew. I've been very much part of my nephew's life since his birth. Friday October 12TH, 2005 my older sister Jessica went into labor at around 5 p.m. It was pouring that afternoon so when my mom, Jessica and myself went outside we took umbrellas with us. My mom put my sister in a cab to go to Belleview hospital to have her son. I waited at home for a very long time to hear what was going on.
On Saturday October 13TH 2005, My sister Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that weighted nine pounds and two ounces at 3:36 a.m. That babyboy is my nephew Anthony. Later on that day I went to Belleview hospital with my mom, my oldest nephew Brian, and my two oldest nieces Debra and Ashley. We all took turns visiting my sister and her new son Anthony. When it was finally my turn to meet the baby the first thing Anthony did was open and close his little baby hand like he was saying hi. I was so happy when he did that because I had a feeling Anthony knew that I'm his aunt.
The first few months of my nephew's life was great. His first Christmas is something I would never forget. His mother Jessica put a cute Santa hat on him and we took pictures.
On Anthony's first Valentine's Day my sister put him in a cute Valentine's day outfit which I have pictures of in my scrap book at home. Every time when Anthony sees me he wants to come to his favorite awesome ti ti that's me. To this day I'm still his favorite ti ti. On Monday October 13TH, 2008 my favorite little nephew will be turning three years old. I'm so proud of my little man. I can't wait to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 20th Birthday.

Thursday October 4Th, 2007 was my 20Th birthday. My special day began after 5 a.m. when my older sister Jessica smacked me on my arm with a flip flop. I was really pissed off and I asked Jessica, "why did you hit me on my arm with a flip flop?" Jessica said, "there's a mosquito in our room and it landed on your arm." I said to my sister, "that's no reason to smack my arm at 5 a.m.!!!!" Eventually Jessica did kill the mosquito and I went back to sleep. Before I went back to sleep I said, "this is not how I wanted to begin my birthday." When I woke up later on that morning I opened my presents and I was very happy of what I got. In the afternoon I met up with my boyfriend Angel at his school and he was dressed so nicely just for me.
Angel gave me a cute Hello Kitty mug for my birthday which I still have and a few things I can't remember right now. We went to seaport together because it was a beautiful warm day that felt more like summer than fall. I bought some stuff as a birthday gift to myself. Later on Angel and I went to 34Th street. We paid a visit to the Manhattan Mall and for fun we took our pictures in a photo booth for laughs. After that Angel and I went to have dinner at a restaurant called Taco Taco. It's a really nice Mexican restaurant at 2ND avenue between 91st and 90Th street. The food was wonderful and Angel helped me pay for the bill.
After dinner, we went back to my place and my sister Jessica surprised me with a ice cream birthday cake. It was really good and it was cookies and cream. My 20Th birthday was fun but now I'm really looking forward to my 21TH birthday which is on Saturday October 4TH, 2008. I can't wait until my birthday comes because I'm having dinner in little Italy with Angel who is the love of my life. When my birthday comes please remember to wish me a Happy Birthday and if you want you can give me a birthday present. LOL!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


As you all know September 11Th, 2001 was the darkest day for New York City. It's has been seven years since the world trade center was destroyed by two airplanes that crashed into to the twin towers by terrorist. I remember that day all too well. September 11Th 2001 landed on a Tuesday that year. I was just 13 years old when it happened. I heard the news about what happened from my gym teacher Ms. Goldstein. The whole school was shocked and scared to hear about the destruction of the world trade center. At first I didn't understand what was going on until later on when I better understood the situation. Many parents were called to pick up their children because the school wanted to make sure everyone got home safe. I took the school bus all through my school life and my bus was stucked in traffic so they couldn't pick me up that day. The bus driver from my school bus called my 1st older sister Debbie to pick me up from school. Lucky for me Debbie doesn't live that far away from my old high school The Bayard Rustin Educational Complex. It used to be called The Bayyard Rustin High School for the Humanities until my senior year. My sister Debbie arrived at my school a little after 3:00 P.M. and I went to her house for a little while. Later on that day my mom came and got me. We took the city bus together to go home however the traffic was so bad that my mom and I didn't get home until 8:00 P.M. It was a scary day for the whole world. The next day on Wednesday September 12Th, 2001 school was cancelled that day due to the terrorist attack that happened on September 11Th. Lucky for me it gave me a chance to do my homework that I didn't get to finish because my mom picked me up and I got home late that night. That is my story of where I was seven years ago. I'm not really upset about what happened but it is sad that so many people lives were lost that day. To the people that lost a friend or family member on September 11Th, 2001 I hope you can find happiness and comfort during this difficult time and try to remember the good times you had with the friend or family member before they left this world. God bless!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's about me get used to it.

Hi I'm Kristine Melendez. I never did a blog before but it doesn't hurt to try new things. I wouldn't really know what to say in a blog so I'm just gonna wing it. I live in New York City which has been my home all my life. I never lived anywhere else. I'm 20 years old but I'm turning 21 soon. I was born October 4th 1987. I'm currently in a GED school called Access. I'm trying to get my GED since I got a IEP diploma from High School. That's all I have to say for now. Like the title said, It's about me get used to it.