Monday, September 29, 2008

Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane

This is a picture from another one of my favorite animate Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane. It's about a girl named Momo who is very pretty and has a dark tan and red hair because in middle school she was on the swin team. In high school all of Momo's class mates think of her as a party girl and say mean and nasty things behind her back just because of the way she looks. The reason why she is called alot of nasty names is because of her so call friend Sae who is nothing but a witch who makes up lies about other people to get what she wants. Momo likes this guy named Toji but she never told him because Momo was told by a friend of hers from middle school that Toji doesn't like girls with tanned skin. But that was a lie but it wasn't from Sae because Momo met Sae in high school. There is this other guy named Kiley who really likes Momo but he is known to be a playboy and a pervert. However all the girls are crazy in love with Kiley.Toji eventually finds out that Momo likes him alot and the reason why Momo never told him and Toji tells Momo that he likes her just the way she is. So they start dating but it isn't long until Sae interferes because Sae is just a annoying person who wants everything Momo has and will do anything to get her way. Peach Girl is a very dramatic Japanese animate that I enjoyed watching. If anyone is into animate I say check it out for yourself.

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