Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Grandnephew Aalias

This is a picture of my grandnephew Aalias. I know what your thinking. How is it that I have a adorable grandnephew at my age? I'm just lucky I guess. My grandnephew Aalias was born on Monday May 26TH, 2008. He is my oldest niece's first born baby. I met Aalias about a week after he was born. He is such a cute little baby. Look at him and be amazed by his cuteness. I held him a few times and he actually likes it when I hold him. Aalias is currently four months old and most likely getting cuter every single day. I like being a great aunt but I will be teaching Aalias to call me ti ti not great aunt Kristine which I am to him but I like the title ti ti better. LOL!!!!!!

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