Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Sweetheart Angel

There is a very special guy in my life who I love and care about very much. His name is Angel and I have known him for a little over 5 years. I met my boyfriend Angel when I was a sophomore in high school. He was a freshman starting at Humanities. Back then I was dating someone else but I broke up with my ex boyfriend because of reasons that were stupid which I rather not discuss. I had Gym Class with Angel and he was really great as my bat mitten parther. We also had lunch period together later on in high school except in my senior year. But I did have one class with Angel and it was Government. I graduate a year before Angel because I was a grade higher. Before I went home on the last day of high school I gave Angel my contact info that way we could keep in touch. Plus I never admit to myself but I have been crazy about Angel since I was 15 years old. I didn't tell Angel about I felt about him until Tuesday December 19TH, 2006. Angel was walking me home one evening and I said to Angel, "there is something I've been wanting to tell you for the longest but I've never been able to admit it." "I've been crazy about you for a long time and I want to go on a date with you." He was really happy when I told him how I felt about him because Angel told me that night he feels the same way about me too. On Wednesday February 14TH, 2007 Valentines Day Angel and I went on our first romance date. We had dinner at Taco Taco which is also where I had my 20TH birthday dinner at. It was so wonderful to finally have dinner with the guy who stole my heart. Every year on Valentines Day Angel and I go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary because it's a day we'll never forget.

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