Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another School Rumble Picture

This is a other School Rumble picture I found on the Internet. This picture shows most of the characters from my favorite animate School Rumble. I really like School Rumble because it's really funny and romance at the same time. Sometimes the characters in the show get into situations like are really silly. For example in episode 19 Tenma's younger sister Yakumo volunteered to help out with the art show. A guy at her school Hanai who really likes Yakumo thinks that she is going to poise for a nude painting. When Tenma decides to help out her younger sister Yakumo Harima who really likes Tenma thinks she is going to poise nude as well. All the guys in the school think that the theme is going to be nude rust to the art show including Hanai and Harmia who came up with the plan to buy all the nude paintings of the girls of their dreams. When all the crazy minded guys get to the art show including Harima and Hanai it turns out the theme is cubism. Tenma and Yakumo are not even poising for the paintings they were just making sure everyone signs in. Harima and Hanai felt very stupid and went home. School Rumble is really funny so I say check it out if your into animate.

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