Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 20th Birthday.

Thursday October 4Th, 2007 was my 20Th birthday. My special day began after 5 a.m. when my older sister Jessica smacked me on my arm with a flip flop. I was really pissed off and I asked Jessica, "why did you hit me on my arm with a flip flop?" Jessica said, "there's a mosquito in our room and it landed on your arm." I said to my sister, "that's no reason to smack my arm at 5 a.m.!!!!" Eventually Jessica did kill the mosquito and I went back to sleep. Before I went back to sleep I said, "this is not how I wanted to begin my birthday." When I woke up later on that morning I opened my presents and I was very happy of what I got. In the afternoon I met up with my boyfriend Angel at his school and he was dressed so nicely just for me.
Angel gave me a cute Hello Kitty mug for my birthday which I still have and a few things I can't remember right now. We went to seaport together because it was a beautiful warm day that felt more like summer than fall. I bought some stuff as a birthday gift to myself. Later on Angel and I went to 34Th street. We paid a visit to the Manhattan Mall and for fun we took our pictures in a photo booth for laughs. After that Angel and I went to have dinner at a restaurant called Taco Taco. It's a really nice Mexican restaurant at 2ND avenue between 91st and 90Th street. The food was wonderful and Angel helped me pay for the bill.
After dinner, we went back to my place and my sister Jessica surprised me with a ice cream birthday cake. It was really good and it was cookies and cream. My 20Th birthday was fun but now I'm really looking forward to my 21TH birthday which is on Saturday October 4TH, 2008. I can't wait until my birthday comes because I'm having dinner in little Italy with Angel who is the love of my life. When my birthday comes please remember to wish me a Happy Birthday and if you want you can give me a birthday present. LOL!!!!


JohnGiambalvo said...

I won't forget!

Kristine said...

Thank you John. It's cool that you won't forget.

BrownSugar said...

just so that i wont forget...i'm now saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY"!!!!!!! lol...i hope you have a great 21st.

Kristine said...

Thanks Brownsugar who ever you are.