Friday, September 19, 2008

How I ended up attending Access

Here is a story of how I ended up attending Access. I graduated from High School when I was just 17 years old. I was really happy to finally graduate from The Bayard Rustin Educational Complex. However I ended up getting my lame IEP diploma which is something I'm still not happy about to this day. After I graduate high school I attended a vocational school called Contemporary Guidance Services on Tuesday November 15TH, 2005. It's a nine month program for people who want jobs depending on what they want to do. The first day I went to CGS I got lost trying to find the school. It took me a hour and a half before I got to Contemporary Guidance Services. I chose to study childcare because I always adored little children. First I was evacuated for 15 days to see if I was ready for the childcare class CGS was offering. I did great and on Monday January 30TH, 2006 was my first day attending the childcare class Contemporary Guidance Services was offering. For 50 days I studied long and hard to get the internship I wanted that way I could learn what it is like working in a daycare. The first time I visit my internship was with my former job developer Mr.Stevens because he was showing me how to get to Educational Alliance which is a daycare and my old internship site that way I would know how to get there on my own when it was time for me to start learning more about childcare and how to work in a daycare. I started my internship on Thursday June 1ST, 2006 at Educational Alliance. I took a difference route to get to my internship which is all the way at East Broadway which is somewhere in Chinatown and I forgot the other way my former job developer told me to take. That didn't bug me because the route I took to get to my internship left me much closer to Educational Alliance. As soon as I arrived at my internship on the first day I was assigned to the classroom of 5 year olds and the only younger age groups I ever worked with at Educational Alliance was children between the ages of 3 to 4. Other then that I was mostly with the 5 year olds. I learned alot of things at my internship like how to calm a child down when he or she had a problem they needed solving, making sure the children stood in line when going for neighborhood and etc. On Friday September 29TH, 2006 was my last day as a intern at Educational Alliance because I was graduating from Contemporary Guidance Services. Everyone at Educational Alliance was sad to see me go but was proud of me for graduating. On my last day they gave me a beautiful gift basket filled with lots of goodies, a red teddy bear, and a glass mug. I graduated on Wednesday October 4TH, 2006 which was my 19TH birthday. I thought it was really cool to graduate on my special day and so did my family. Thursday October 5TH, 2006 that was my first day job hunting. I send my resume to who knows how many day cares and preschools in Manhattan to see if they were hiring. Around November I got a interviewed at a school called Manhattan Nursery but due to problems which weren't my fault and I rather not discuss I was fired Friday December 1ST, 2006. I was upset but at the same time they did me the favor because I hated that school so much. For three months I didn't have the guts to tell Mr.Stevens about what happen at my ex job. One day in February of 2007 My job developer called my house to see how was everything with me. I told him the truth and he wasn't mad at me which surprised me. So I returned to CGS for job placement to once again to continue my quest for a new job. I had many interviews at difference day cares but I always got rejected which made me very sad. On Friday May 25TH, 2007 I got a interview at Preschool of America and I got a job as a floater which means I was in different classrooms everyday. My first day at that school was on Tuesday July 31TH, 2007. I was so happy to be working there because my co workers were so nice and they helped me out alot since I was a beginner. It was great working at Preschool of America because it made me feel good to earn my own money. On Wednesday September 12TH, 2007 at 5:15 p.m. the assistant director who shall remain nameless calls me into the office and tells me that the school is over staffed and I was laid off. I was really upset about losing my job because I thought this job was the one for me. I was dead wrong!!!!!! I couldn't stop crying about it when I told my mom about it and she was as pissed off as I was. My boyfriend Angel comforted me at my time of need which was one of the sweetest things he has ever done for me. I called Mr.Stevens that evening and left a message about what happened. After that I decided that maybe childcare might not be for me. Around November 2007 a friend of my 2ND older sister got me a babysitting job for her roommate who needed a babysitter for his 3 year old son. Thanks to this job I guess I got a little bit of my confidence back. From November 2007 to May 2008 I was working but something happened which had nothing to do with me because my former boss losted his job and couldn't afforded me anymore. I had to find this out from my sister's friend who got me the job instead of from my former boss. At first I was trying to look for a other babysitting job but sadly I got nothing. That was when my friend Sherwin told me about Access. He knew about me getting a IEP diploma and how much I really wanted to do better with myself. On the morning of Monday July 7Th, 2008 Sherwin picked me up from my house to help me sign up at Access which is a GED high school as you all or maybe some of you know. I didn't know that on the day I signed up was going to be my first day of school. I was so unprepair and I wished that my friend told me that it was going to be my first day. As soon as school was out for the day I went to Jack's 99 cent store to buy school supplies that way I could be better prepared for school. I didn't do so well during the summer classes because I failed the pretest. So before the summer program ended I signed up for the fall classes. My first day back at school was on Tuesday September 2ND, 2008. I knew that if I try harder I can get the GED I want. I took a other pretest which I rather not talk about my scores but I know if I keep trying I will pass and get to take the real GED test soon. That is my story of how I ended up attending Access. Sometimes I wonder if I should of signed up for Access sooner but I'm here now and that's what counts. To any one who is reading this story if your wondering how I remember all these different dates from my pass it's because I never forgot and I looked it up in the datebook on my cellphone. I did the same thing for the other stories on my blog and I'll probably do that for further posts on my blog just to let you all know that.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Hey Kristine:

Mr. Funes your Spanish teacher here. If you want to know what is happening at BREC your old HS come to my blog. All the teachers have left or are leaving. Sorry that you got a lame IEP diploma from that dump of a school.

Mr. F.
On sabbatical from the Rubber Room

Kristine said...

Hi Mr. Funes how have you been? I've been good. Thanks for reading my post. I hope to hear from you soon again. I'll let my mom know that you left a comment on my post. Did streeter leave too? let me when you can. Latermuch.