Monday, September 29, 2008

Momo and Sae

This is another picture from Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane. Momo is at the left side of the picture and Sae is at the right. As I said before in my other post about Peach Girl Sae is Momo's so call friend but Sae is really her moral emeny, copy's everything Momo does, and is such a evil witch. For example Sae is the one that tells the whole school what kind of person Momo is such as a party girl, easy to be with, and is a bully to Sae which is not true. If you don't believe me look it up your self. Another example about how bad Sae is in episode 9 It's Momo sweet 16Th birthday and Sae is up to her dirty tricks. She confesses that she is in love with Toji and wants to be with him. However Toji finally relizes what kind of person Sae is when she tries to kiss him. During the episode Sae and a famous male model named Jigoro who falls in love with Sae and thinks that Momo is a horrible person because Sae lied and said that Momo bullies her. However Sae dumps Jigoro because she said she is in love with Toji. Momo and Toji are having a great time celebrating Momo's birthday unitl Sae called and said that she needs Momo's help. But once again it was a other lie. Jigoro takes Momo for a drive and the male model fakes his love for Momo and goes after her because it was the plan that Sae and Jigoro thought of. Sae goes to Toji's house and is dressed just like Momo to fool him. When Toji found out boy was he pissed off. Later on Jigoro lies and said that he is in love with Momo and chases her into a store room with boxes that fall on Momo's head. Jigoro brings Momo back to his place and puts her in his bed. When Momo woke up she started freaking out and starts crying because she thought something happned in bed. Nothing did happen but when Toji, Sae and Kiley who tagged along to help find Momo Toji beats the crap out of Jigoro when all of them get to the apartment. Momo knows that it was all Sae's idea and yells at her. Before everyone leaves Sae takes a picture of Momo and Jigoro in the bed together which by the way nothing happened at all. But I said about Sae she makes up the biggest lies you'll ever hear in your life. She uses the picture to blackmail Toji into dumping Momo so that she can date him. If Toji didn't do what Sae wanted then she would show that picture to the whole world and get Momo exspelled from school. Eventually let's just say Sae gets a taste of her own medcine and relizes her evil ways. I believe I've told you enough and if you want to know more about Peach Girl look it up.

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