Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update about me

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. It's me Kristine!!!!!!! It's been also a year since my last blog post. Here is what has been going on with me. A week after my 23rd birthday I got a email that I was accepted into Borough of Manhattan Community College. I was freaking out because I thought that day would never come that I would get into college. I told the college and carrer specalist who helped me out with all the very boring paperwork and she was happy for me. I took the CUNY exam but I didn't do so well on some parts of the test. I started my first semster at bmcc on Friday January 28th, 2011. I did sign up for more classes but I dropped a few classes and I withdrew from a music class I knew that I was going to fail. I only had three classes last semster and one of the classes I took I didn't do well in and I didn't like my professor because I don't think he knew I existed until the last class I had with him when he called out my name. I didn't sign up for any summer classes because I couldn't afford it and I wasn't sure if finanicl aid would cover it. I spend my scuny test again but I couldn't because I didn't take any remdeial classes during my first semester. That was my big mistake and because of that I wasn't able to sign up for the other early childhood ummer being lazy and having a lot of fun. I did do the smart thing and I picked out my classes for the 2nd semester three months in adavnce that way I wouldn't get stuck with classes from the bottom of the barrel. Before my first semester of college ended I tried to sign up to take the education classes I needed to take. But I did sign up for the two remdial classes I have to take which is English and math. The first day of my 2nd semester at bmcc was on Friday August 26th, 2011 and I promised I would work hard and do my best. A other thing that you should know about is that my 24th birthday is on Tuesday October 4th and I can't wait!!!!! I wonder what my boyfriend Angel got me this year?!?!?! I must know but I also know I have to wait which sucks for me because I hate waiting. What I do know is this that good things come to those who wait. I promise that I'll try to keep up with my blog because I can see that I have a few follwers and there are some comments on some of my old blog postes that I wish that I answered sooner. I plan on writing more blog postes soon.

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