Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Luigi and Daisy as a couple

Hello to all of you that blog and enjoy video games. Have you ever thought about Luigi and Princess Daisy being lovers? I know I have since Mario and Princess Peach are in love why not Luigi and Princess Daisy?!? Picture number 1 is Daisy and Luigi sitting under tree during a beautiful sunset.
Picture number 2 is Luigi and Daisy sitting in a meadow. Luigi puts a daisy in Daisy's hair.

Picture number 3 is Daisy and Luigi at Christmas time. Luigi is standing under the mistletoe so that means he gets a kiss from Daisy. He is so shy about Daisy kissing him that he blushes. That is too cute!!!!!

Picture number 4 is Princess Daisy and Luigi as babies. They are holding hands and enjoying ice cream like childhood sweethearts.

Picture number 5 is Luigi giving Daisy a beautiful flower that matches her dress. As you can see there are pink hearts in the back round and it means to me that they are in love.

Picture number 6 is Luigi and Princess Daisy holding hands. They look very happy together.

Picture number 7 is Daisy and Luigi looking at each other with love in their eyes. Princess Daisy and Luigi make a cute couple. I hope everyone out there thinks so too.


Acenator Koolato said...

I don't care what haters say! These two are an excellent couple, always been since Mario Tennis 64(which I eventually seen a connection between these two before they teamed) and in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour when Daisy called out Luigi's name in the game promo. Not only that goes to show evidence wise but in Mario Kart Wii in Daisy's stage you could see Luigi and Daisy dance stance statue together holding hands and their baby forms right next to the modern forms.

Always a Luigi x Daisy or Luaisy(however you like to put it) supporter since Daisy reappeared in Mario Tennis 64 well actually the Mario Bros movie back in 1993 also another strong evidence.

L x D for life!


Awesome Luigi The Radical Green Thunder said...

Me and Daisy forever wahoo! ^O^