Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Princess Peach

When I was a kid I used to play any kind of super Mario Brothers game. In all of the Mario games I've ever played Mario recused Princess Peach from the evil Bowser who always kidnapps Princess Peach and wants to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. In the vdeo game Super Princess Peach It's Princess Peach's turn to be the hero. Boswer kidnapps Mario, his brother Lugi and some of the people from the Mushroom kingdom. At first her advisers told her not to go when she decides to go and recuse Mario and the others but Peach wants to do it because this princess is no damel in distress. On her adventure Princess Peach has a magical talking umbrella named Perry who helps Peach on her journey to recuse her friends. Super Princess Peach the video game first came out in Japan on Thursday October 20TH, 2005. The game came out in America on Monday February 27TH, 2006. I got this game for my 20TH birthday last year. Princess Peach has powers depending on her emotions. Calm is healing her energy, Gloom is when Peach cries she can make plants grow and sand go away, Rage is when Peach is angry and there's fire coming out of her to burn everything in her way and to stomp, and joy makes Peach fly.I like playing Super Princess Peach because it's Peach's turn to be the hero.

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