Thursday, November 27, 2008

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thursday November 27TH, 2008 was the 81st annual Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I watch it on T.V. every year with my mom. This year I had a hard time watching it because while my mom was making the thanksgiving day dinner the fire alarm kept going off because of all the heat from the kitchen. I had to get the fan from my mom's room to put near the alarm that way the heat wouldn't activate it. It didn't help too much on the counting of the fire alarm was still going off. At least my mom finished cooking at a good time. In honor of Thanksgiving I have found pictures of balloons from Macy's Thanksgiving day parade from the past to this year's parade. I also got a picture of Santa Claus coming down the parade waving to every body. The first Macy's Thanksgiving day parade was in 1927. I even found pictures of the old balloons from Macy's first Thanksgiving day parade. I tried to get my nephew Anthony to watch the parade with me but he wanted to watch cartoons instead. The picture to my left is a MM's balloon from the parade on Thursday November 24TH, 2005. Instead of a MM's balloon this year it was a float. I would post a picture of it but I couldn't find one.

In this picture that's a balloon of Sponge bob Square paint. If you don't know what Sponge bob is it's a cartoon about a talking sea sponge as the theme song said who lives in a pine apple under the sea? I think Sponge bob looks like a big talking cheese.

That's the Macy's Santa Claus. As long as I can remember at the end of the parade Santa Claus would come down at the end of the parade to wave to everyone watching. Anthony told me that he wants to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas, I think that is so cute.

That is the snoopy balloon. In the old Peanut cartoons would dress as the red Baron to sit on top of his dog house and pretend that his dog house was a air plane.

If nobody know who this green frog is that's Kermit. I remember seeing Kermit the flog on T.V. along with Ms. Piggy and the other muppets. At this year's parade Kermit was singing a song that he believes that there is a Santa Claus and to believe in him and Christmas.

In this picture there's pikachu from pokemon. Pikachu was always my favorite pokemon and still is to this day. The pikachu balloon is also my favorite balloon next to the hello kitty balloon.

That is a poster of the parade with all the balloons. I thought it would be cute to add.

For the first time The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade had a Buzz Lightyear balloon. It's the first time the parade ever had a disney character for a balloon. I think it's cool.

I don't remember ever seeing this Hello Kitty balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade ever but I like it anyway so I put this picture on my post because I can and it's my blog. Plus I think it's really pretty.

Every year I see a big Turkey float for the parade. Most families eat turkey for thanksgiving dinner just like the Pilgrims did in 1621. As you can see in this picture there are people sitting about the turkey and some of them are wearing pilgrim costumes.

Last but not least this is a picture of a character named Abby from seamse street. She is in training to be a fairy god mother and hangs around seasme street with the other characters. I hope everyone likes my post about the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. Please read and leave your comments.

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