Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you Afraid of the Dark?

When I was a kid I used to watch this show on Nickelodeon called Are you Afraid of the Dark? It's a show about these kids who are in a club called the midnight society. At night they would gather around a fire and one of them would tell a scary story. Before they would begin a story who ever is telling a creepy story he or she would say, submitted for the approval of the midnight society I call this story and then they would make up a scary story. For example one story from Are you Afraid of the Dark is Tale of Zebo the Clown. That story is about a clown named Zebo from the 1920's who smoked cigars and tried to steal money from the circus. When the cops were trying to capture him he hid in a haunted house which caught on fire. Zebo didn't make it out alive. Years later there were these two boys and one of them dares the other to go inside the haunted house that was build over the old one that burned down with Zebo in it and get the clown nose from the clown dummy. What the boy didn't know that the dummy was posed by the ghost of Zebo the clown who didn't like the fact that his clown nose was stolen. When the boy was all alone at home weird things started to happened. There was a phone call with the ghost saying Give it back in a creepy voice. There was a foot print on the kitchen floor with the letter Z on it which scared the boy a lot. At the end the boy went back to the fun house and returned the nose along with a box of cigars as a way of being sorry for taking Zebo's nose. After the boy left the dummy clown came out with the nose back on it's face and a cigar in it's mouth. The last episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark the grandfather of a member of the midnight society dies because of a thing called the silver sight. The grandfather was one of the original members of the midnight society back in the 1930's. For the first time for the midnight society a scary story was real and they were in it. They started looking for the original members of the midnight society from the 1930's because each orignal member has a broken piece of record that would lead to the location of the silver sight which is a charm that causes bad luck to anyone who used it to get what he or she wanted. Most of the orignal members of the midnight society were dead however their families had what the new midnight society was looking for. When everyone was looking for the piece of the record werid and scary things were happening. For example there was this little boy that kept popping out of nowhere and warning the midnight society not to contine their quest for the silver sight. When all the pieces of the record were found it played a message of where the silver sight was located. The midnight society found the silver sight and the little mystery boy was really a ghost!!!!!! The leader of the midnight society destroyed the silver sight and the evil ghost was destroyed as well. Are you Afraid of the Dark never did freak me out as a kid and it still doesn't to this day now that I'm an adult. But it's still fun to watch but I only see it on because that show is so old that it's no longer on T.V. Are you Afraid of the Dark was on T.V. from October 31ST, 1990 to June 11TH, 2000. If anyone reading this wants to know more about Are you Afraid of the Dark go to and when you get to the website type in the search Are you Afraid of the Dark? You'll see many clips from the show. Now my question to you is do you dare to watch Are you Afraid of the Dark? I hope so Ha Ha and Ha!!!!!

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