Friday, November 28, 2008

Anthony's Art Work

These are pictures that my nephew Anthony drew on the computer. I was the one who taught Anthony how to draw on the computer. I couldn't believe how quickly my nephew learned. I'm so proud of Anthony that I decided to put his pictures on my blog. The picture to my left I like to call it blue bubbles. As you can see there are three big blue bubbles in the picture. I remember learning in art class back at humanities that when objects are connected together it's called morphing. Anthony's picture reminds me of a morphing picture I drew for my art class. As always I got a good grade.

In this picture there are lots of colors. I call it colorful scribbles. An other work of art done by Anthony. All the scribbles reminds me of a abtract painting I once saw in a museum. If I had more computer drawings done by Anthony I would post them.

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