Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Total Drama Island

This is a picture from a cartoon called Total Drama Island. Think of it as a animated version of survivor. This show is about these 22 campers who are on a realty show and their competing against each other for the prize of 100,000 dollars. The host of Total Drama Island Chris doesn't care if anything bad happens to the campers. He loves to see them suffer. Sometimes he gets his parter Chef to do prepare the grosses meals or scare the campers out of their minds. One of the campers Heather is a nasty rude girl that will do anything to make sure she doesn't get voted off the show. She even gets two campers to team up with her Lindsey and Beth to do her dirty work. The price for going along with Heather is betrayal. Some of the campers become a couple like Gwen and Trent. When it's time to vote someone off the show Chris gives a marshmellow to the campers who can stay. If a camper didn't get a marshmellow she or he is off the show and can never come back. I started watching this show a few weeks ago because my three year old nephew Anthony was watching it and got me hooked on it. I even looked up who is going to win the money but I'm not going to tell anyone. It's my little secret and if you want to know who wins the money watch Total Drama Island the finale when it comes on Thursday December 4TH, 2008. It's on channel 22 if you have Cartoon Network or some form of cable televison. If anyone wants to check out clips of Total Drama Island go to or and check the show out for yourself.

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