Friday, November 14, 2008

Angel's 21st Birthday

Thursday November 13TH, 2008 was my boyfriend Angel's 21ST birthday. Angel is really happy to be 21 years old and so am I. In honor of his 21ST birthday Angel, Justin, myself and Angel's other friend Lenny went to Dave and Busters for some fun. I arrived at the restaurant before my boyfriend and I found Justin waiting in front of the restaurant. A few minutes later Angel and Lenny arrived. Dave and Busters is a restaurant/bar/arcade that you have to be 21 and over to get into. Since Angel's friend Lenny is way older than us we got in with no problem. First we all bought this orange card that you put money in it to play in the arcade. It's like a credit card but only for the arcade. We were all playing games like crazy. There is this game that you pull a lever and whatever you land on you win that many tickets. I hit the 500 ticket jackpot twice which was awesome. Lenny didn't join us for dinner because he had to go to work. Before he left Lenny gave me and Justin 20 bucks to play in the arcade. Angel got 40 bucks because it was his birthday. The food at Dave and Busters was great and my boyfriend Angel had his first non virgin pina colada. If anyone doesn't know what that is it's coconut milk mixed with pineapple juice and alcohol. I don't like anything with coconut so I didn't order a drink but I am old enough to drink. Since it was Angel's birthday I order a surprise triple chocolate cake for him which he loved very much. After the three of us paid the bill and went back to the arcade to play more games. We were at Dave and Buster's until 10:30 p.m. but before we left I cashed in all my tickets that I won playing in the arcade for the prizes that they were giving away at the arcade. It was such a fun night for the three of us and I want to go to Dave and Buster's again just to play in the arcade. Angel loved the birthday present I gave him because it was what he wanted and he said, "this is the best birthday ever".

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