Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Season

As everybody knows it's the holiday season which means it's time to start planning on what your going to do. I am neither Jewish, Muslim, or Christian. I'm from a putero rician Catholic family that really honors the holiday Christmas. In my family Christmas is a very important holiday. My mom always honors Christmas just like how my grandparents did when she was a child. I remember mother telling me stories about Christmas during her childhood and how she was spoiled rotten. I'm spoiled rotten too so I know who I got it from LOL!!!!!! I'm not sure what I want for Christmas but I do like getting presents. Every year on Christmas day mom makes a wonderful Christmas dinner and my family and I sit and enjoy the dinner together. Most of the time I stay home for Christmas or I would go out and do something depending on what I want to do. I think this year I would like to go to the movies on Christmas day. But I I will be spending Christmas with my family as I always do. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year because it's going to be my grandnephew Aalis first Christmas. I told my niece that she better remember to take pictures of her son opening his presents. My nephew Anthony is looking forward to Christmas because he knows he has to be a good boy for Santa Claus to bring him presents. Anthony is trying his best to be good and it's working out. Wednesday December 3RD, 2008 I watched the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree with my boyfriend Angel. It was very nice to watch on T.V. and the fact that I refuse to stand outside in the cold weather. Christmas always brings me joy because I get time off from school and as I said before I like getting presents. As soon as I know what I want or what I got for Christmas I'll let my fellow bloggers knows. To everyone I wish you the happiest of hoildays.

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