Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas with Hello Kitty

As you all know Christmas is coming. I'm very much looking forward to this holiday. It's been my favorite holiday next to my birthday since I was a little girl. Plus if anyone has been reading my blog I love Hello Kitty. Here are some Hello Kitty Christmas theme pictures because I just felt like putting them up. Get use to it. In this picture Hello Kitty is with her twin sister Mimi and they are opening presents. I like to open presents too which is one of the reasons why I like Christmas.

The next picture shows Hello Kitty and her friends decorationg a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree looks so pretty.

As anyone can see in the picture above Hello Kitty is holding a candy cane. I like candy canes because they make a pretty decoration for a Christmas tree and they taste pretty good. That cupcake also looks good too.

This next picture shows Hello Kitty with a present. I think she wants to open her presents just as much as I do.

I like this picture very much because it looks like Christmas and Valentines day together. I say this because Hello Kitty is holding a big red heart. To everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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