Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How I feel about the math GED test

To all the people who blog I have this to say. I recently took the math practice GED test because the principal of ACCESS GED Ms. Linda told me to just take math because math is all I need to pass the real test. I got a 440 on the math practice test which is the highest I have ever gotten. I was surprise but in a good way because I thought I failed again. I realize now that I should always believe in myself and I can pass the real math GED test. I used to think that I would never improve in math and that I'll never pass math. Now I know that I can do this because since I pass the math practice test I'm ready to take the real math test because I'm doing better in math. All my teachers are proud of me for getting a 440 on the math practice test and that makes me happy. If I can pass the math practice test with a score like that then I can totally get the extra points I need for the real test. I'm going to take the math GED test on Monday June 8TH, 2009 as told by Ms. Linda. I look forward to just taking the math test because I think the reason why I failed the math part of the GED test is because I was stressed out from all the other subjects I had to take and the fact that I had no confident when I saw a math question that look like that I couldn't do. My math teacher Ms. Hemans told me that I should relax, read each question carefully, and don't freak out if a question looks too hard. To anyone reading this wish me luck on the math GED test because as soon as I pass math and I will, I'll finally have my GED diploma which will make me super ultra mega happy!!!!!!!!

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