Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Math GED Test

Hello everyone I Kristine Ann Melendez have this to say. Monday June 8TH, 2009 I took the math GED test. Before the test I studied real hard that way I would make sure that I'll pass this time. As I always say in other post in my blog I really want my GED diploma ever since my friend Sherwin signed me up for this program. I have a good feeling that I'll pass this time because I was familiar with a lot of the questions on the test. Plus for the first time the math GED test didn't make me nervous. In the past when I took the math GED test I freaked out and I didn't believe in myself. My teachers have always told me that I can pass if I just try. Well to all my teachers who believe in me I just want to say thanks for having faith in me. When I get my diploma and I will I'll thank you in a speech that I post in my blog in the near future. There were a few questions that I didn't understand at first but I thought about it and to the best of my ability I was able to answer the questions that were a little bit hard. I believe that I'll pass this time and so does everyone else that I know. I'll let everyone know if I pass the GED test which I will in a future post. Please comment on today's blog entry.

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