Friday, June 26, 2009

My time at the Prom

Wednesday June 24TH, 2009 my school Access GED had a prom. It was on the Spirit of New York and it was beautiful. I went to the prom with my boyfriend Angel and he was happy to go. I wore this hot red dress and Angel wore a really nice black suit. However he forget his tie but it's OK. Angel look just fine without it. I wore my hair down with a diamond hair clip that I found a week before the prom at a store in Chinatown. Angel and I were the first one's to show up. We thought more people would of been there before us but that didn't happen until later. Everyone was dressed so nicely in honor of the prom. I wasn't the only one dressed in red. One of my classmates Reem and A instructor from School Ms. Casey was also wearing red. Together the three of us were the ladies in red. Angel was really happy to attend the prom since he never went to his prom back in humanities. Everyone got on the boat at 6:30 p.m. and The Spirit of New York left around 7:00 p.m. The boat ride was very nice and everyone got a chance to see the statue of liberty. There was a buffet and everyone got a free prom 8 by 10 picture including me and Angel. There was different kinds of music however I'm not really a dancer but Angel is which is good enough for me. Angel and I took plenty of pictures because this is a night we never want to forget.

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John G said...

Nice. I'm sorry I missed it.