Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Wedding of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

I found pictures online of my favorite Disney channel couple Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable getting married. I will now describe each of the wedding pictures. Picture number 1 is Kim and Ron having their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable. Picture number two Kim and Ron are kissing because everyone knows after the bishop said I now pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss the bride. Afterthat the groom kisses the bride. I think Kim and Ron were french kissing because I see tongue. Picture number 3 shows Kim and her father Dr. James Timthony Possible walking his only daughter down the aisle. It's tradtional that the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle at his daugther's wedding. Picture number 4 is Kim, Ron, Kim's cousin who's name I forgot, Wayne, Felix, and Moquine in a group picture. Picture number 5 is Kim and Ron looking at each other very happily. If Disney channel were to make a movie about Kim and Ron getting married that would be so awesome and romantic. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are mean't to be together and live happily ever after as Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable.

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