Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I think of the GED test

To anybody that actually reads my blog I would like to give my opinion about the GED test. First thing having a GED is nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of people including famous people want to get their GED or already have one. For example in school I learned that Bill Cosby has a GED and look at him now. I've been trying to get my GED since September of 2008. As I said in a other post on my blog entitled Now What?!?!?!?! I got a 2250 as my overall score but math is screwing me over big time!!!!!!!!!! I know that if I don't pass math I'm not going to graduate with the Access GED class of 2009. That would really break my heart. The GED test is hard if you don't study for it. Now I have been studying for the GED test and I did pass everything else. It's just math that is giving me a whole mess of trouble. I'm not saying I'm bad in math because I've been doing much better in math class like my one of my math teacher's Ms. Hemans been telling me. She was even impressed when I used to tutor this one student who used to go to my school. His name was Jesus and he actually understood me. Ms. Hemans think that because of me Jesus past the math part of the GED practice test and most likely the real test. I'm not sure if I believe that because I'm wondering how come I can't pass the math part and yet anyone I tutor in my math class does? I guess it's because I keep thinking negative things. At least that's what Ms. Hemans said. Maybe she right but here's the thing with me. I keep thinking if I don't pass math I will never graduate. My science teacher Ms. Lopez said I shouldn't depend my whole future on a test. She told me a story about when she took her teacher's test. Ms. Lopez said that she didn't have anything riding on it and yet she passed. I'm not sure if I completely understand Ms. Lopez's story or maybe I do and don't know it. I believe Ms. Lopez and Ms. Hemans are right that I shouldn't let the GED test determine my future because I can only determine my future. In other words I have to stop freaking out about math period.

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