Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Feelings about Prom

June 24TH, 2009 my school Access GED is having a prom. I already went to my prom when I attended The Bayard Rustin Educational Complex which is where I went to high school. However I want to go the prom here at Access because of one good reason. My reason is my boyfriend Angel never went to his prom. I went to my prom with someone else and back then Angel and I weren't dating. Plus I'm a little bit older than my boyfriend and I graduated before him. When I started attending Access GED in September that is when I learned that Access GED has a prom once a year. I told Angel about and he really wants to go. I do too because it will be very special for the both of us. Just recently I went on the prom payment plan instead of paying the whole thing at once. I can't wait for the prom because I know it's going to be a magical night for not just us but for everyone who is going to the prom. I just hope I can decide on what kind of dress I want and what color I want it to be. At least I got time. If anyone has any ideas on what color or what kind of dress I should wear to the prom please let me know because that would be a big help to me.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Well, at least this prom will not cost you what? $150+ like it did for the BREC prom.