Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lost of a Pet

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blogging world I Kristine Ann Melendez have this to say. Wednesday April 22ND, 2009 my beloved parakeet Sunny who I had for a little over four years died. I'm very sad about this tragedy that has happened to me. I've always have taken very good care of my pet and I'm upset that he is dead. Sunny was a gift from my nephew Anthony's father Brian on Saturday February 26TH 2009 which is also the same day my other parakeet Sky passed away. I loved my little bird like a little brother I never wanted only because since I'm the youngest and I'm spolied. I buried my pet in Central Park under a big tree near 97TH street and 5TH Avenue. When I saw that Sunny was dead I didn't stop crying for the whole afternoon. My mom thinks that I should get a new parakeet that way my other parakeet Violet who I had for nine years won't be lonely. At first I thought to my self why borther. Then I relize that maybe it would be a good thing if Violet has a new friend that way she won't be all alone. My boyfriend Angel knew how I felt because he used to have two big Goldfishes that are dead too. Luckily Angel wanted me to feel better about my sadness. Thursday April 23RD, 2009 Angel bought me a pair of shoes from Payless because prom is in June and I needed shoes to go with my dress. I thought that was so sweet and because of Angel I feel a little bit better. If anyone out there that is reading this pray for my late parakeet Sunny to Rest In Peace. Also leave comments if you think that I'm ready for a new parakeet.

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