Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer is Coming

As everybody knows summer is coming and that means the weather is going to get hotter. I know that once summer comes I'm going to be enjoying myself as much as I can. I plan on going to SixFlags with my boyfriend Angel this summer like I did last year. I look forward to screaming my head off on a roller coaster like I did last year. I also plan to go the pool more because I like to take a dip when it's hot. I only went to the pool once last year with my older sister Jessica but we only stood at John Jay Pool for 15 minutes because it started to pour. Jessica and I ran to the locker room with the towels we brought with us on our heads so we wouldn't get our hair wet. I would of gone to Coney Island this year if it wasn't shut down for construction. When Independence's Day comes I will be seeing the fireworks again with Angel. I'm hoping it doesn't rain out. For the past two years since I started dating Angel every year we would go see the fireworks but for some reason it rains. The first time we went Angel and I had this great spot that made a perfect view for the fireworks. However out of nowhere it started to rain really hard on us. All the people including Angel and I ran for shelter from the rain. It rain for 15 minuets and the fireworks were delayed. The second time we went it rained again and I felt like Angel and I were at a umbrella convention. I say this because there were so many different colored umbrellas in different shapes and sizes ranging from small to jumbo size. I told Angel if it's going to rain on the 4TH of July I want to see the fireworks on T.V.!!!!!!!!!! That's pretty much what I'm going to do duirng the summer.

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