Monday, April 27, 2009

My Weekend

Saturday April 25TH, 2009 it was really warm outside. I decide to go outside and enjoy this warm day as much as possible. I went out with my mom because she needed help picking out a birthday present for my grandnephew Aalis. Mom bought him clothes from Children's Place that were on sale. After that we paid a visit to Victoria's Secrets and my mom bought herself stuff and she bought me lip gloss. Three of the lip gloss that my mom bought are my favorite shade. It's called Cherry Bomb and I enjoy the color red on my lips. Last but not least mom and I went to Petco because I wanted to show her this parakeet. In a other post on my blog Entitled The Lost of a Pet I said that my yellow parakeet Sunny passed away and I though I would never get a new bird. I decided that I really wanted a new parakeet so I bought this gray and white colored parakeet which I named her Luna. Sunday April 26TH, 2009 I went on a picnic for two with my boyfriend Angel at Central Park. Since it was so hot yesterday I actually wore a tank top and shorts. In others words the weekend that just passed felt like summer. I made sandwiches, a fruit salad, and strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting for desert. However the frosting melted off the cupcakes I bake but my boyfriend Angel still enjoyed them. I though Angel wouldn't like them but he didn't care if the frosting melted because Angel still ate them. After our picnic we took a walk around Central Park and to a street fair. The street fair was ok but I've been to better street fairs. I would have to say that my weekend was pretty good since it wasn't cold outside. I hope I have more days like this during the spring.

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