Thursday, August 12, 2010

Disney Princess Couples

Growing up I've always enjoyed watching Disney princess movies. I still enjoy them to this very day even though I'm a grown up. In honor of my enjoyment of Disney princess movies I decided to post a blog of all the Disney princess couples. Picture number 1 is Belle and her prince from my favorite Disney princess movie Beauty and The Beast. Belle and her husband the prince are enjoying a good book together. Beauty and The Beast as always been my favorite because it's teaches a person that if you look with not just your eyes but with your heart there is beauty to be found in anything or anyone. This movie came out on Friday November 22ND, 1991.
Picture number 2 is Cinderella and her husband prince charming from the movie Cinderella. I've already done a post about this Disney princess but I feel like talking about her again. Cinderella is a girl forced to clean everything by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. She wants to go to the ball and if you seen the movie then you know what happens. Cinderella and her prince are married and lived happily ever after. Disney's Cinderella came out on Saturday March 4TH, 1950.

Picture number 3 is Snow White and her prince charming from Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. This movie is about a princess named Snow White who lives with her evil stepmother the queen and jealous of her beauty the queen wants Snow White dead. Snow White runs away and stays with the seven dwarfs who offered to protect her. When the queen found out she was still alive she turned herself into an old woman and gave Snow White a poison apple and it made her sleep forever. When the seven dwarfs found out they chased the evil queen and she fell to her death. The dwarfs thought Snow White was dead so they put her in a glass coffin. The prince who fell in love with Snow White kissed her and the spell was broken and everyone was happy. Snow White looks very happy dancing in the forest with her hansome prince. Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs came out on Tuesday December 21ST, 1937.
Picture number 4 is Ariel and prince Eric from Disney's The Little Mermaid. The newlyweds look so happy together. The Little Mermaid is about a mermaid princess named Ariel who wants to become human because she fell in love with prince Eric. Her father King Triton hates all humans and doesn't want Ariel to become human. Ariel goes to the evil sea witch Ursula for help and Ariel gave up her voice to be human for 3 days. If Ariel could get a kiss from Eric she would remain human forever. Since Ariel made a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula she didn't want Ariel to succeed and she wanted to rule the sea. Eric was able to defeat Ursula and the evil sea witch was gone forever. King Triton realizes Ariel loves Eric and changes her human forever. If you seen this movie then you know Ariel and Eric lived happily ever after. Disney's The Little Mermaid was made on Friday November 17TH, 1989.
Picture number 5 is princess Jasmine and Aladdin flying on a magic carpet from the movie Aladdin. They look so happy together. I'm so glad that Jasmine's father the sultan changed the law so that Jasmine can marry Aladdin instead of being forced to marry a prince who she doesn't love. Disney's Aladdin came out on Wednesday November 25TH, 1992.
Picture number 6 is princess Aurora and prince Phillip dancing together from the movie Sleeping Beauty. This movie is about a girl name Aurora and ever since birth she has had an arranged marriage by prince Phillip. During her christening an evil fairy named Maleficent crashed the party and put a curse on the infant princess. Before the sun sets on her 16TH birthday she would prick her finger on a spindel and die. One of the good fairies Merryweather was able to weaken the curse and if that were to happen the princess would just sleep and be awoken by true love's kiss. However to prevent the curse from happening Flora, Fauna and Merryweather the three good fairies took the princess to live with them until the sunset of her 16TH birthday. They renamed her Briar Rose and pretended to be her aunts. when Aurora found out who she really was she was upset because she fell in love with a stranger while she was in the forest. Aurora did end up touching the spindel and the spell came true. The stranger was prince Phillip who she is suppost to marry. Prince Phillip loves her too but didn't know she was the princess until Maleficent capture him and told him everything. The good fairies recused Phillip and fought with Maleficent until she was dead. Phillip raced to find Aurora and kissed her from her spell after the princess touched the spindel. Disney's Sleeping Beauty came out on Thursday January 29TH, 1959.

Picture number 7 is princess Tiana and prince Naveen from the movie The Princess and The Frog. Many of you may have heard of this story but this version is different. It's about a girl name Tiana who believes in hard work will get you what you want. She works as a waitress to save money to open up her own restaurant because it also her late father's dream. In the movie Tiana meets prince Naveen who at first they didn't really like each other and Tiana thought he was lazy and spoiled. Naveen thought she was a stick in the mud. Also in the movie Naveen was turned into a frog by a voodoo man and Tiana was too when she kissed Naveen. She only kissed him because Naveen thought she was a princess. When he found out the truth he was upset. During their time together Naveen's service Lawrence was pretending to be the prince while working with the voodoo man to get Lawrence to marry Tiana's friend Charlotte who is rich. During their time together the two frogs make new friends and they reliaze how much they really do love each other. If you seen the movie you know what happens to everyone. Tiana and Naveen are married and Tiana became Naveen's wife she also became a princess that broke the spell that kept them frogs. This movie came out on Friday December 11TH, 2009. I hope everyone likes my post for my blog today. Let me know which couple is your favorite.


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