Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mario and Princess Peach's Wedding Day

While I was growing up I've always enjoyed playing Super Mario Brothers games. If any of you out there play video games Mario usually has to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Except in Super Princess Peach the brave Princess rescued Mario from Bowser. I've always wondered what would it be like if Peach and Mario got married? I decided that for today's blog post I would do a post about the wedding of Mario and Princess Peach. Picture number 1 is Peach and Mario holding hands and looking into each others eyes as they say I do. Luigi is Mario's best man. I don't know why Mario and Peach invited Wario to the wedding.
Picture number 2 is Mario about to kiss his lovely bride Princess Peach. Since Mario is short he has to stand on a question mark block to kiss the bride.

Picture number 3 is Mario and Peach dancing together for the first time as husband and wife.
Picture number 4 looks like Mario and Peach are eloping. That green fairy guy is marrying them.
Picture number 5 is a drawing of the happy newly weds looking at each other with a lot of love. I know that they are going to be very happy together as husband and wife. They were always mean't to be. I hope everyone likes my blogs and please write nice comments.


davenchica23 said...

aww wut a cute couple they make

Anonymous said...

haha thats so cool! i always liked luigi better but mario and peach were just meant to be <3

Lydia said...

Are they married? No one knows.
Do you mind if I use these pics for my own blog?

andrea chiu said...

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