Monday, July 5, 2010

The best view ever!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to everyone in the world I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day. I know I did because I was with my boyfriend Angel and we had the best view ever!!!!!! I say this because it's true. For the past three years when Angel and I saw the fireworks something wrong happened. Wednesday July 4TH, 2007 It was the first time we saw the fireworks together. I was so excited and we had a really great spot. All of the sudden it started to pour and next thing you know it Angel, myself and all the people who came to see the fireworks ran for cover. We had to wait until the rain stopped and Angel and I lost our good spot. Friday July 4TH, 2008 Angel and I saw the fireworks again at Seaport. Not only it was super packed but it rained again and I felt like I was at an umbrella convention because all the colorful umbrellas that everyone had. Saturday July 4TH, 2009 I went to the firework show with Angel, his older sister, his little nephew, his younger brother and one of his cousins. We saw the fireworks at 59TH street and comblus circle. However for some reason the cops kicked everyone including us out of this pretty good view that we had and everyone had to watch the fireworks behind a tall metal fence. Boy we're we mad and swore never to let it happen again. On Sunday July 4TH, 2010 Angel bought him and myself tickets to get a better view of the Macy's Firework show. I found out that a guy was selling tickets to see the show on a tug boat. When I told Angel about it he bought the tickets right away. I don't blame him for wanting a better view then what we went throught the past few years. Angel and I were on this tug boat named the Cornell and I said before it was the best view ever!!!!!!!! The fireworks were beautiful and very colorful. Angel and I had a good time and it was the best Independence Day ever.

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