Monday, March 23, 2009

I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday March 9TH, 2009 I took the GED test. I took Social Studies, Science and Reading on Monday. I think I boosted up my scores in those three subjects. On Wednesday March 11TH, 2009 I took the math and writing part of the GED test. There is no way I will fail writing because I understood a lot of the questions and my essay topic. As for math before I took the real GED test I studied extra hard in all the subjects including math. One of my math teacher's Mr. Rishi made the class buy GED calculators because he loaned out his calculators and nobody returned them. I bought my GED calculator at a local Staples not too far from my home. I would of bought my calculator at the Staples around the corner from my school but they didn't have any. I practiced using the GED calculator every single day in order to be ready to take the math part of the GED test. Of course I did study for the other subjects as well. When the time came to take the math part of the GED test I felt ready to do it. A lot of the math questions I understood and to the best of my ability I answered each and everyone of them. Right now I'm still waiting for my results that way I'll know if I passed or not and yes people I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!! I'm so nervous to know my results. If I don't pass I will be very unhappy. The last thing I want is to flunk the GED test AGAIN!!!!! However if I do pass everything including math I'll be filled with joy and happiness. To anyone reading this pray for me passing the GED test so I can graduate with my class.

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