Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I did during Christmas break

December 24th, 2008 I was at home with my 3 year old nephew Anthony. He was very happy that Santa Claus was coming. I baked Christmas cookies that way Anthony can leave some for Santa Claus. He didn't want to go to sleep but I told him that Santa won't come unless your asleep. Christmas morning as soon as he woke up Anthony was so happy and ran to open his presents. He got toys, DVDS, clothes, Art supplies and a Ninentdo Wii. I couldn't believe my nephew got a wii. Ever since Anthony wants to play with the wii every single day. I play with it sometimes which is fun. Sunday December 28th, 2008 I went to see a movie with my boyfriend called Bedtime Stories and it was really funny. For new years my twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya came and stood over. They were driving me up the wall which is now another reason why I'm not having kids for a while. For the rest of my break I was chilling at home or going out. On Saturday Januray 3rd, 2009 I went shopping in Old Navy. I wanted to buy clothes as long as they were on sale. I found a good deal and I'm happy with what I got. That is what I did during Christmas break.

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