Saturday, January 17, 2009

All Anthony All The Time

Saturday January 17TH, 2009 I was on my computer. At first I had no idea what to post for my blog. My nephew Anthony wanted me to post pictures of him as a little tiny baby. I decide to do so please enjoy the following pics. I title this post All Anthony All The Time. In these two pics the little girls are my faternal twin nieces Drevonnya and Araynya. They were two years old when Anthony was born. Both of them got a chance to hold Anthony which made them happy. To this day they still love coming over to see their favorite cousin Anthony and my little Anthony loves to see them too. Just in case no one knows which twin is which Drevonnya is the little girl on the left and Araynya is next to her sister in the right.

That's Anthony on the swing for the very first time. Look how happy he is. Anthony started playing on the baby swing when he was around five or six months old. Around that time he was started teething. In the other picture Anthony is sitting in his carseat that I think he out grew. What a happy he was in this picture.

At a young age that was when Anthony started to use the computer. As soon as Anthony was able to sit up by himself that was when he learned how to use to computer. Now that he is three years old sometimes it's hard just to get him off.

In the next pixture you see Anthony is learning how to walk in his Dino Walker. I remember how painful it was when Anthony ran over my foot with his walker. I'm glad that he doesn't do that anymore.

That is Anthony wearing his hoodie. Look how cute he is!!!!!!!!!

That is a picture of my older sister Jessica who is the proud mother of this beautiful baby boy. I love that adoorable little coat he is wearing.

Anthony is chilling on the chair. I think he was trying to eat his fingers LOL!!!!!!!!

Anthony is making a funny face in this picture. I believe Anthony wanted to do that for the camera.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Little Anthony is soo cute he should be a baby model!

Kristine said...

Thanks Mr. Funes.