Monday, January 19, 2009


Back when I was a teenager there was this show I used to watch called Hamtaro. It was about a cute little Hamster named Hamtaro who could talk but only when there was no humans around. Hamtaro is the little hamster with the half orange face if you didn't know that. When Hamtaro's owner Laura was away at school he would get out of his cage to go and meet up with his Hamster friends that also left when their owners were away. Here are some pictures of Hamtaro and all of his little friends so please enjoy looking at them and leave your comments.

The little white hamster in this picture is Bijou. She's from paris and she speaks french and English. A lot of people have been saying that Hamtaro could be in love with her. I believe it could be true but I'm not sure. Bijou really likes Hamtaro a lot but she is too shy to tell him. Bijou is so cute and I love her tiny blue hair ribbons.

I really like picture of Hamtaro and Bijou together because to me it looks like their on a date. Plus the pink flowers are so pretty. It makes me wish even more for spring to come that much sooner.

Last but not least this is a picture of Hamtaro and all of his friends. I do know all the names of them. The two hamsters that have strips are Stan and Sandy. They are twins who sometimes don't along but do care about each other. The Hamster with the guitar is Jingle. Every time he comes to town he keeps getting Hamtaro's name wrong. For example he once called him Hamtaco. The Hamster with the pot is Cappy and his owners spoil him rotten. Next is the Hamster with glasses. That's Dexter and he is always fighting with a other hamster Howdy who is always wearing a red apron and tells really bad jokes. The reason for being rivals is because of Pashima the Hamster with the pink scarf who is like a big sister to Penople the hamster with the yellow blanket over her head. After that there is Maxwell the Hamster who loves to read and is in love with Sandy who by the way loves him back. The big Hamster with the hat is called Boss and is the leader and like a big brother to the rest of the gang which calls them Ham Hams. He is in love with Bijou but I know who Bijou is crushing on. The little Hamster with the hammer is Panda and he loves to build and fix things for his friends. Last but at least is Oxnard. He has been Hamtaro's friend since Hamtaro and his owner Laura moved next door. He loves Sunflower seeds and always has one ready when he's hungry. That's all for now and I thank anyone who is reading this post.

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