Monday, December 14, 2009

I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blogging world I Kristine Ann Melendez have great news. I finally passed the GED test which means I now have my GED diploma. As the title of my post said I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the math GED test on Monday November 16TH, 2009. Math was the only subject that was holding me back from getting my GED diploma sooner. Because of me failing math in June I didn't get to graduate with my class at my former GED high school Access GED. I was upset about failing but I knew if I kept trying I know I can pass it. I got a 430 in math just to let you know. Now that I passed the GED test I can plan for the futher. I waited for a long time to get my results along with my diploma which I deserve and I hope you all know that and just to let you know I didn't freak out while taking the test because I learned it's best to keep a cool head while taking a test. When my mom gave me the envelope that had my results I opened it right away to see if I finally got what I always wanted. When I saw that I passed the GED test I screamed for joy really loud. My nephew Anthony was screaming with me and we were jumping for joy all over the place. I told my friends Fiorella and Sherwin about my sucess and they were very happy for me. I also told my sweetheart Angel the good news in a text message. Angel said he is very proud of me and knew that I could do it. I even made a copy of my GED diploma and my results to put in my scrapbook because I want to remember the day I got my GED diploma and results forever. Now that I have my GED diploma I would like to thank the following people. My friend Sherwin for helping me sign up for Access GED on Monday July 7TH, 2008, My family who always supported and believed in me, my homegirls Fiorella and Christina that always believed that I could do it, the love of my life Angel who is happy for me that I finally passed, all my teachers back at Access John my computer teacher, Mr. Rishi and Ms. Hemans my math teahcers, Mr. Shaw my Social Studies teacher and Ms. Lopez my science teacher. To all my teachers, Ms. Linda the principal and Ms. Savage thanks for the great year at Access GED. Just to let you all know I got my GED diploma and results on Monday December 14TH, 2009. I hope I made everyone proud. If any teacher or anyone from Access GED is reading this leave me a message on my blog telling me how proud you are of me for finally passing the math GED test.

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John G said...

It's TOTALLY AMAZING that you passed! Even more totally amazign that you found your own way to take the test (and passed!). Thanks for the card. I hung it up in my kitchen. Merry Christmas!