Saturday, December 19, 2009

How I prepaired for the GED math test

To everyone who is a blogger as I wrote in a post entitled I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said that I passed the GED test which I'm glad about. I'm going to tell you how I prepared for the GED test I took on Monday November 16TH, 2009. It all started on Wednesday September 30TH, 2009 when I decided to give it another try even though I failed math in June. I looked up GED testing dates online and I found a list of different dates from different schools that were doing the test. I printed out an application and I filled it out which was easy. Before I finished filling out the application I had to pick out a school of where to take the exam. I chose the only school that I'm familiar with and it's the same place where I took the GED test in the past. I send my application to the Manhattan School because I used to take the test with my former GED high school Access. My mom mailed out the application for me the next day on Thursday October 1ST, 2009 just three days before my 22ND birthday which was on Sunday October 4TH, 2009. I made sure to renew my ID card because I wasn't about to go take the test and show the people an expired ID which I needed when I went to take the test. I waited for three longs week before I got a card saying that I got a seat to take the math GED test in November. I received the card of where to take the test and what time to be there on Thursday October 22ND, 2009. I was really happy to get it and between Thursday October 22ND, 2009 and Sunday November 15TH, 2009 I studied everyday for six to nine hours straight. I didn't play video games and I hardly watched T.V. My mom thought I was over doing it with the studying but I told her I wanted to pass that bad. She understood and supported me all the way. I got out my old workbooks I saved from Access and of course the GED calculator that one of my former math teachers Mr. Rishi made the class buy because the other students would either borrow them and never give them back or steal them. I practiced using the GED calculator and I reviewed every math topic I learned during my time at Access GED. If only I was still at Access because sometimes a person can forget and need a review on sometime they learned. But I wasn't going to stay 21 and under forever. I studied so much that I didn't get much sleep and on Monday November 9TH, 2009 I caught a nasty cold along with a sore throat and a dry cough after that. I'm thinking my mom was right about me over doing it with the studying. What can I say I really wanted to pass which I did. I even felt a little sick on my boyfriend Angel's birthday on Friday November 13TH, 2009. It rained that day which didn't make it any better. I thought that due to me getting sick I thought that I would have to miss the GED test and fill out the application all over again. Thank goodness I made a full recovery the day before I took the math GED test. I felt better on Sunday November 15TH, 2009. The night before the exam I made sure to get a good nights rest and to be ready for anything. I woke up the next morning ready to take math again. I left my home at 2:00 p.m. that way to make sure that I got to the testing site on time. As soon as I got there I ran into a former classmate of my from Access. Her name is Lytisha and she was taking other parts of the GED test I don't remember but I hope that she passed too. The test didn't start until 4:00 p.m. and I was ready to take it and pass. There was some math problems that I didn't understand that well but I did my best to answer them. I took test form IK which according to what Mr. Rishi told me test form IK is the hardest one to pass. I believe that because a lot of the questions on that test were hard. Mr. Rishi if your reading this I hope that your proud of me for finally passing the math part of the GED test. I finished taking the test on time and I went home that evening with a big relief off my shoulders that I gave the math GED test one more try. As I said in my last post I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my diploma and results on Monday December 14TH, 2009 and boy was I screaming to the top my lungs when I saw my diploma. To anyone who has taken the math GED test and failed here are some tips for you.

1. Don't get discourage just because you failed. Believe in yourself to do better next time.
2. Study a lot and get yourself a GED calculator at your local Staples.
3. It's good to study a lot but don't get yourself sick over it like I did.
4. If there is something you don't understand ask for help from someone who is good in math and or from someone who has taken the GED test before and passed it.
5. Never study at the last minute otherwise you won't do well.
6. If your in a GED program like I was get tutoring afterschool.
7. Get a good night's sleep before taking the GED test because nobody wants to fall asleep while taking a test.
8. Always do your best.

I hope that my tips help and good luck to anyone who is about to either take the whole test or just a subject that they didn't do well in before. This is how I prepared to take the math GED test.

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